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Author: Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the content manager for NALP.

Business Smarts: Engaging with Customers During Winter Months

While landscaping is a seasonal business in most parts of the country, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be engaging with your customers during the slower months. Although you probably have a set of loyal customers who you can always count on for their business, some of your newer customers may not remember to hire […]

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The Business Case for Certification

If you are seeking ways to stand out as a highly-skilled lawn and landscape company, consider investing in your team members’ Landscape Industry Certified (LIC) credentials. NALP offers certification for six categories: business manager, exterior technician, interior technician, horticulture technician, lawn care manager and lawn care technician. Shayne Newman, LIC, president of YardScapes Landscape Professionals, […]

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Giving More Than You Get: Lessons in Generous Leadership with Andrew Ziehler: Episode 35 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

In the 35th episode of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, hosts Miles Kuperus III, system architect at Include Software, Neal Glatt, managing partner of GrowTheBench, Brett Lemcke, VP of R.M. and Macey Wollenberg, branch manager at LandCare, talk with Andrew Ziehler, owner and CEO of Ziehler Lawn and Tree Care located in Centerville, […]

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In Memoriam: Joe Carpenter

Joe Carpenter passed away on Jan. 3, 2021, at the age of 84. Carpenter was a landscape contractor with Superior Seeding, Inc. and served as the president of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) in 1987. Carpenter was also a past president of the North Carolina Landscape Contractors Association. Ralph Stout, former owner of […]

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Developing Your Team Through an Apprenticeship Program

NALP’s Apprenticeship Program offers job seekers a path to a new career through a paid apprenticeship with a landscape company that includes on-the-job training. The program, first introduced in February 2019, is now beginning to turn out and registered companies are beginning to have individuals complete their apprenticeship. New Garden Landscaping & Nursery Inc, based […]

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How to Take Advantage of New Plant Material

Plant breeders are constantly introducing new plant cultivars with a variety of desirable traits such as disease resistance, low water requirements, growth habits and color. A new year marks a new batch of plant material for you to check out. Here’s how some companies go about implementing new plant material in their landscape designs. When […]

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Most Company Owners Have Had a Business Mentor. Do You?

If you ask anyone who uses the NALP’s Trailblazer Mentoring Program why other members should consider using it, they’ll often say it’s a no brainer. The program allows member companies to learn from volunteer industry professionals who share their knowledge about how to run successful lawn care and landscape companies. Participants often meet at the […]

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How I Do It: Implementing Drug Testing

The decision to start a drug-testing program is a nuanced one. While it helps ensure the safety of your employees and customers, it also narrows an already shrinking labor pool. Josh Flynn, CEO of Seabreeze Property Services, based in Portland, Maine, and Gerry Bower, president/CEO of Total Lawn Care, LLC, based in Weslaco, Texas, share […]

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members in the news

NALP Members in the News: Davey Tree, McHale Landscape Design, Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service

Read more about these NALP members and partners in the news. Davey Tree Surgery Promotes Two Regional Vice Presidents Davey Tree Expert Company has promoted two regional vice presidents within the Davey Tree Surgery Company, a subsidiary of Davey Tree. Bill Heriford has been promoted to regional vice president, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) operations, […]

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Faces of the Industry: Angela Howes

Angela Howes got into the landscape industry by pure chance. An associate of hers met Craig Ruppert installing a basketball hoop at his house and Ruppert offered him a job in landscaping. Not long afterward, her associate called her to interview for an administrative position. Since then, Howes has spent 17 years with Ruppert Landscape. […]

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