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The Missing Piece: Crafting a Dynamic Company Culture

“Every company, community, institution, family and society has a culture,” says Paul Fraynd, co-owner of Sun Valley Landscaping, based in Omaha, Nebraska. “It starts anytime two people enter a room together.” The question is – do you want to be intentional about your company culture or let it happen on a whim? “I would ask: […]

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Changing the Game: HeartLand Unlocks the Growth Potential of Their Partner Companies

Most landscape companies spend years fine-tuning their business before diving into M&As or attracting the attention of a private equity firm. In HeartLand’s case, acquisitions and private equity have been part of the business from the very beginning. Founded in April 2016, Ed Schatz Jr., founder & CEO of HeartLand, partnered with Great Range Capital […]

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Boosting Your Business: Keys to Keep Your Culture Strong as You Grow

As a leader, you often define and drive your company’s culture. However, as you grow your business, the sheer number of employees and the geographical spread of your operations will make it far more challenging to have a cohesive culture across locations. Yet, it is not impossible. Many large landscape companies have been able to […]

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Conquering Challenges: Bringing the Amazon River to the Audubon Aquarium

This project earned Mullin a Gold Award for Interior Installation in the 2023 Awards of Excellence. Since its opening in 1990, the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans, Louisiana, has attracted millions of visitors to see unique marine life and tropical ecosystems. In recent years, the aquarium has undergone renovations to improve the facility. One focus […]

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Peer Perspective: The Importance of Hiring Employees for a Cultural Fit

As company culture becomes more of a focal point for business owners, you’ve probably heard some say they only hire ‘cultural fits.’ This practice of hiring candidates who align with your landscape business’s values and mission can sound like madness in an industry where the labor pool is ever-shrinking, but the owners who have committed […]

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Faces of the Industry: Jason Chang

After serving in the Army for four years, Jason Chang was looking for a refreshing career he was passionate about. He had worked for local landscapers when he was a teenager, and Green Lawn Fertilizing was right down the road from one of his previous employers. Chang says it was the fact that the business […]

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Building Your Team: Hiring a Full-Time Recruiter

If given the choice, would you rather your crew leader handle filing your taxes as part of their job or have a CPA do that? Similarly, asking different team members to put on a recruiting hat on top of their other responsibilities isn’t going to get you the best results. Sure, they might be able […]

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Talking with Titans: Carmine Schiavone

Carmine Schiavone is CEO of SavATree and is a member of its board of directors. Schiavone joined the company in 2020 and has more than 25 years of experience leading large, complex businesses in manufacturing, construction and field service-based enterprises. In his previous role, he led the multi-billion dollar North American fire protection installation and […]

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Protecting Your Business: Crafting Hiring Strategies for H-2B Visa Shortfalls

It’s the news you never want to hear. You didn’t receive your H-2B visas for this year. However, due to the volatility of this temporary visa program, it is a reality for many landscaping companies. “The H-2B program is something that’s great, but it’s always a gamble, unfortunately,” says Nubia Guiterrez, director of human resources […]

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

There are numerous elements of the lawn and landscape business that are out of your control, but how ambitious you are when it comes to innovation is one aspect that you can manage. Monitoring what new products and software are available, what the economy is doing and what future sustainable practices to implement can all […]

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