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New Technology May Require New Safety Awareness and Training

With the onset of 2021, I have now been around the safety and health management field for 55 years! I know I am giving away my age to our readers, but it all began with safe tractor driving programs for my high school agriculture/horticulture students and FFA club members in 1966. Today, I continue spreading […]

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Photo: LandCare

First Impressions: Implementing Effective Onboarding Practices

You put a lot of effort into recruiting and hiring new employees for your team, but the hard work shouldn’t stop there once they’ve signed on. Onboarding is a crucial step that sets new hires up for success. Proper onboarding can also help reduce high turnover rates. For instance, when LandCare restructured several years ago, […]

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Employing Effective Customer Surveys

It’s commonly said that if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. This is one reason why customer surveys are helpful as they give you a snapshot of what you’re doing right and where you can improve. “It’s a very valuable tool because you might think you’re doing great, but then you talk to some clients […]

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Member Spotlight: Heather Menjivar, Hidden Lane Residential Landscapes

Heather Menjivar is the president of Hidden Lane Residential Landscapes based in Oak Hill, Virginia. She grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York and started mowing her family’s yard at nine years old.“As a teenager, after my barn chores were done, I’d spend summer days creating landscaped beds in the hard-to-mow sections […]

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I Spy: Lawn Care and Home Surveillance Cameras

Professionally monitored security systems are nothing new but in recent years a new form of security has grown in popularity: consumer surveillance cameras. Systems like Ring, first introduced in 2013, Blink (2014) and Nest Cam (2015) have all allowed homeowners to take on monitoring what goes on outside their homes. While most stories involving these […]

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Faces of the Industry: Antonio Zeppa

Antonio Zeppa always wanted to run his own company, but he didn’t know mowing his neighbors’ lawns would turn into a career in landscaping. In high school and college, Zeppa would mow grass part-time along with his brother, Andre. After earning their degrees in business and geoscience, respectively, the brothers started Zeppa’s Landscaping Services, full-service […]

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Designscapes Colorado celebrates their Christmas party in 2019.
Photo: Designscapes Colorado

Stop the Revolving Door: Pros Share Their Solid Recruiting and Retention Strategies

A common complaint of many lawn care and landscape companies is how hard it is to find good labor. The lack of the necessary employees can hamper your business’s growth. Here with their strategies and solutions to this issue are four different companies from across the country. Recruiting Strategies One effective recruiting strategy that all […]

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Making the Most of Your Marketing

There are many marketing methods out there that your business can take advantage of, but sometimes it can be more effective to focus in on your current options and hone their performance. Below are three tools that can help you make the most out of your current marketing strategies. Informed Delivery If you currently use […]

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Stronger Together

In the midst of Women’s History Month, we look at how some companies are supporting women in the industry Women are finding an increasing number of opportunities in the lawn care and landscape industry. But in order to attract more women to the field — as well as retain the ones that are already here […]

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The Agronomist: Productivity Tips for More Efficient Mornings

It’s spring! Finally, the birds are singing, the forsythia is blooming, the lawns are greening up and the phone is ringing off the hook. It’s go time in the lawn care business! But why does it seem as though your day is a repeat of one of those dreams where you can’t move? You have lots […]

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