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Level Up: Everyone Rows the Boat at GreenSweep, LLC

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. Kyle Narsavage, president and owner of GreenSweep, LLC, based in Silver Spring, Maryland, started mowing when he was seven years old. “By middle school, I knew I wasn’t going to work for anyone else and this […]

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Photo: Balanced Environments, Inc.

Landscapes of the Month: Keeping River Point Camera-Ready

The West loop of Chicago is a hub of activity with numerous office buildings surrounding the Chicago River. One of these properties is River Point, a beautifully designed building created in 2016. This highly manicured property has a gorgeous view of the Chicago River and the skyscrapers that cover downtown Chicago. Each day, between 1,500-4,000 […]

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Landscapes of the Month: Managing a Manicured HOA

About 20 miles outside Chicago is a luxury townhome community that sits next to a championship golf course. Like many golf course communities, Tower Crossing has a beautiful landscape that retains a cohesive look, tying the residences together. Since 2019, Moore Landscapes, LLC has worked with the HOA to maintain these high-quality properties. Their impressive […]

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Plant Growth Regulators

What started as a common tool in the golf industry has begun to make its way into the landscape industry as more companies discover the uses of plant growth regulators in their operations. “PGRs are working for you on the job site, even when you’re not,” says Andy Scott, product manager for PBI-Gordon. “They’re performing […]

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Business Smarts: Plant Growth Regulators and Their Potential

You can’t slow down time, but you can slow plants with the help of plant growth regulators. These products can be used in various settings and serve as yet another way for landscape professionals to work smarter, not harder. “PGRs are a powerful yet underutilized tool in the plant health care toolbox,” says Emmett Muennink, […]

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Photo: John Granen

How I Do It: Offering Only Organic Maintenance Services

Since Nussbaum Group, based in Redmond, Washington, started their maintenance team in 2005, they have only offered 100% organic maintenance services. “While some companies may offer the choice to be organic, or not, we only allow 100% organic – for the good of our people, clients, the environment, and society,” says Dale Nussbaum, founder and […]

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Landscapes of the Month: Caring for ‘Baseball Heaven’

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Busch Stadium is home to the Cardinals, and each spring, it receives millions of visitors. The client desires for the ballpark’s visitors to have an overall good experience each time they visit, and to do this, the atmosphere inside and outside of the park is taken into consideration. The client […]

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Level Up: Chip-N-Dale’s Custom Landscaping, Inc. Is Committed To Excellence

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. Greg Struhl entered the landscape industry by chance and despite some trials early on, he has shaped Chip-N-Dale’s Custom Landscaping, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada, into a successful business. Previously, he had been working at […]

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The Truth About ‘No Mow May’

Well, it’s finally May, and the newspapers and online forums are filled to the brim with articles telling you not to mow your lawn this month. For the pollinators, they say. Everyone is busy and no one has the time to look to see if this “No Mow May” thing is legit or not. Except […]

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Photo: Ruppert Landscape

Landscapes of the Month: Caring for a Prestigious College Campus

Located near the heart of the American federal government in Washington, D.C., about five minutes from Union Station and a twelve-minute walk from capitol hill sits the Georgetown Law Center. The client’s intent for this project was to maintain a landscape that reflects the history and prestige of this institution while balancing the need for […]

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