June 10, 2024 - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Day: June 10, 2024

Where to Embrace AI and Automation in the Lawn and Landscape Industry

Lawn care and landscaping are very hands-on tasks, but there are still ways to take advantage of tech innovations like AI and automation. Colin Bemus, president of Bemus Landscape Inc., based in San Clemente, California, says it’s short-sighted to assume AI and automation don’t apply to the landscape industry. “I think we should promote it,” […]

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Landscapes of the Month: Preserving a Coastal Gem Via Organic Landscape Maintenance

This beautiful property in Connecticut is a few miles from the Long Island Sound, where it sits alongside an inlet and features a wide range of environments. Since 2020, the Glengate Company, based in Wilton, Connecticut, has been responsible for maintaining the landscape and finding ways to raise the standards for this site, leading them […]

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Tree Care: Getting to The Root of the Problem

If a customer’s tree is struggling, often the root cause can literally be found in the roots. Numerous issues can impact a tree’s roots, but below are some of the common ailments and how to identify which one is causing the problem. If your company doesn’t have an in-house arborist, it’s always recommended to seek […]

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Quality Control: Train Your Team to Identify and Combat Common Landscape Pests

Your field staff are your eyes and ears on your customers’ properties. You can’t be everywhere, and neither can your account managers, which is why it is critical to train your crew members how to identify and address issues they spot in the landscape during their site visits. By having your whole team dedicated to […]

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