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Sales & Marketing

How to Influence Consumer Buying Decisions

Because landscape and lawn care services are mostly discretional purchases and there is an abundance of choice when it comes to providers, it’s critical you can persuade your client base to select you over other options. Your marketing efforts can be highly effective at influencing consumer behavior if you consider some of the main factors […]

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Lawn Care: Different Sales Offerings To Consider

Sometimes, there are certain aspects of your lawn care business you have in place because that’s simply how you operated when you first got started. One of those can be how you sell and offer your services. Depending on your core customer base, your current sales model may not be the most effective method anymore. […]

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Selling Value: How to Avoid Falling into the Commoditization Trap

Tired of dealing with customers simply interested in your pricing and feeling like it’s a race to the bottom against your competitors? Duane Cashin, founder and CEO of Cashin Sales, says the key to overcoming this is selling your company’s value during the discovery phase of the sales process. “It lays the foundation for the […]

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Put the “Social” Back into Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous and probably something you use in your personal life to some degree, but is your business taking advantage of these platforms to tell your story? Social media is where your customers are and is a valuable avenue to build relationships and win over new customers. “Social media provides landscape companies with […]

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How to Boost Your Landscaping & Lawn Care Company’s Sales Performance with Data-Driven Insights

By Duane Cashin, owner of Cashin Sales Regardless of the number of sales representatives in your company, it is crucial to establish a systematic approach that allows you to monitor, measure, report, and evaluate their performance on a regular basis. It was a game changer for me when I was a sales manager, and I […]

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How to Handle Good and Bad Reviews

When it comes to receiving reviews on the internet, it can be incredibly overwhelming to think about the proper way to handle each review, bad or good. Reviews can be posted through multiple platforms, including Yelp, Google, Facebook and more, which are all popular websites to visit and have a ton of visibility. So, how […]

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Five Ways to Strengthen Your Sales Team

Your sales team works hard to bring in quality clients who can provide meaningful cash flow to your company. Just like how you invest in new trucks and equipment for your field staff to operate successfully, don’t forget to evaluate how you can come alongside and aid your sales team’s efforts. Create a Demo Area […]

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Team Building: Motivating Your Sales Team with Commission

If your landscape company has decided to go with the salary plus commission pay structure, there are still a lot of variables to decide for your team. Some considerations include when commissions are paid out, how the commission is handled if a project goes over budget and if any additional bonuses should be awarded. How […]

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Team Building: Sales Team Pay Structure Options

When it comes to paying your sales team, it’s a little bit of the Wild West out there. While it’s common for your field crews to be paid hourly and your management team to be paid a salary, sales team members are in a class all their own. There’s no one right or wrong way […]

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If Your Clients Are a Couple – Balance Can Be Tricky in Landscape Design

Understanding both your clients’ desires and concerns is critical, not only to close a sale but to ensure you can create a landscape design they’ll ultimately be pleased with. Melding a couple’s different styles can be a challenge, but finding the balance between their budget and their wish list is another aspect you have to […]

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