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Business Smarts: The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Overhead

When you’re looking to improve your company’s efficiency, one aspect you can consider is outsourcing some parts of the business that make up your overhead. Just like how you’d bring on a subcontractor to handle some of the tasks that aren’t your company’s specialty, outsourcing certain departments allows you to pass on duties that need […]

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Business Smarts: Offering Financing for Clients

Oftentimes when a consumer is making a sizable purchase for a house, a car or other investment, they look for financing to help make the cost more manageable. Yet frequently, landscaping companies opt not to offer their customers any financing options, believing this is best left to the banks to handle. However, offering financing has […]

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Business Smarts: Productivity Hacks from the Pros

Productivity is a major focus for lawn and landscape businesses as there is limited time in the season to get certain tasks done. However, as a leader, your individual productivity can suffer for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s handling unexpected fires or being pulled into unplanned phone calls or meetings, your limited time can […]

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Business Smarts: Preparing for Rising Workers’ Comp Costs

Inflation isn’t just affecting the price of materials and employees’ wages. It is also predicted to impact workers’ comp costs as rising expenses are impacting it on several different levels. “Insurance carriers are having to offset that potential cost into their premium so we think by 2023 we’ll start to see the impacts from those […]

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Business Smarts: Implementing Budget Billing

Depending on your lawn or landscape company’s location, how seasonal the business is will vary but no matter where you’re located being able to secure recurring revenue over 12 months is always ideal. It may sound like a no-brainer to implement budget billing for your landscape company to improve cash flow, but planning and certain […]

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All About Partnerships: Working with General Contractors

If you’re looking to get involved in larger, commercial construction projects, most likely you’ll need to submit your bids to a general contractor company. Even some small and medium projects can involve working for a general contractor. Working for a general contractor means an increased amount of documentation, a different pay schedule than you’re used […]

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Business Smarts: Reviewing Your KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the pulse of your lawn care or landscape business. They can let you know how your business is doing and where there is room to refine, improve and grow in the right direction.   While there are a wealth of key performance indicators you can look at, it is better […]

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Business Smarts: The Art of Raising Your Rates

U.S. inflation hit a 30-year high in October, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Couple this with the need to raise employees’ wages to stay competitive and your gross profit margins have probably been shrinking for a while now. While talking to customers about your increased rates may be daunting, it is an absolute […]

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Business Smarts: Making Rainy Days Productive

In the lawn and landscape business, there are certain elements that are completely out of your control, such as the weather. While rainy days are inevitable, they don’t necessarily have to be a total wash of a day. Brandon Sheppard, a Weed Man multi-unit franchise owner with franchises in Virginia and Maryland, says the manner […]

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Business Smarts: The Importance of Tying Org Structures to ROI

When you think of a company org chart, you probably picture a bubble chart that lists out who answers to who within your lawn or landscaping business and what they do. However, an organizational structure can be so much more than just who does what within a company. Danny Kerr, co-founder of Breakthrough Academy, says […]

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