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Lawn Care

Wild violets proliferating in a thin, weak stand of turfgrass.

The Agronomist: Cultivate a Healthy Lawn to Control Weeds

This coming Labor Day will mark the sixth anniversary of my second career of government relations. Before that, I was in lawn care, working for myself and for others over the course of thirty seasons. I use the word ‘season’ instead of ‘years’ because, in the lawn care industry, we mark time in terms of […]

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Level Up: ExperiGreen Lawn Care Grows Organically and Through Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. ExperiGreen Lawn Care, based in Mishawaka, Indiana, was founded in 2016, and since then, the company has grown to around 350 employees. Dana Irwin, vice president of ExperiGreen, has worked for several different lawn companies, including […]

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Technically Speaking: Controlling Mole Crickets

If you’re located in the Southeast or southern coastal plains, it’s very likely you’ve had properties fall prey to mole crickets at one time or another. Aptly named, mole crickets are related to crickets, but they have enlarged heavy-clawed front legs for digging through the dirt like a mole. They feed on grass roots and […]

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The Truth About ‘No Mow May’

Well, it’s finally May, and the newspapers and online forums are filled to the brim with articles telling you not to mow your lawn this month. For the pollinators, they say. Everyone is busy and no one has the time to look to see if this “No Mow May” thing is legit or not. Except […]

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Level Up: Education Is Key for Emerald Lawn Care, Inc.

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. It was third time’s the charm for Mark Utendorf when he found a career in the landscape industry that he wanted to do for life. Throughout high school and college, he worked for nursery businesses. After […]

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King Green Shares National Lawn Care Month’s Impact

April often marks the month when many lawn care companies’ season starts and is also designated National Lawn Care Month. This is a time to educate consumers about the benefits of healthy lawns, and it highlights the professionals committed to maintaining those healthy green spaces. “It brings attention to an industry that has been in […]

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Photo: Brandon Layne

Landscapes of the Month: Establishing Turf on a Mountainside

Located in central Virginia, this client wanted to open up the view on the mountain and cut down trees, and implement turf for erosion control and looks. They also wanted walking trails installed, a high-quality standard of turf, treatment on all turf areas, and for the turf to be mown regularly; this includes a flat area, […]

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Photo: NALP

RISE Survey: 95% of Consumers Value Well-Maintained Yards

April is National Lawn Care Month, and a recent survey, conducted by Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) in collaboration with the National Association of Landscape Professionals, found majority of respondents value their yards and keeping them well-maintained. The survey respondents were 1,004 U.S. adults, 18+, who live in a home or residence with […]

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Lawn Care: Solutions for Snow Mold

Spring is well underway and as the snow melts, it may reveal an unwelcome surprise on your customer’s lawn: snow mold. Snow mold appears as nearly circular patches with the turf inside the circle appearing white, gray or pink and matted together. It is caused by gray snow mold or pink snow mold, with the […]

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Report: Remodeling These Outdoor Features Bring Customers Significant ROI

“Is it really worth it?” It’s a question that every client has to ask themselves when trying to decide if they want to go through with a certain outdoor project. Not only is there a question of how happy they’ll be after completing a project, but there’s also the question of its value when it […]

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