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Trends and Technology

Photo: Fleetio

Encouraging Equipment Operators to Use Fleet Technologies in the Landscaping Industry

Guest content Fleet technology is greatly transforming the way landscaping businesses operate. Fleet management solutions provide enhanced efficiency and operational optimization through transparent, real-time data and automated workflows. However, in an industry where autonomy plays a significant role, equipment operators may harbor reservations about embracing new tracking-type technologies. The imagery of manicured lawns and beautified […]

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Photo: GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Inc.

How I Do It: Implementing Crew Body Cameras

When you think of body cameras, you probably think of the ones police officers wear in the line of duty. However, this technology doesn’t have to be limited just to law enforcement. Josh Wise, CEO of GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Inc., based in Acworth, Georgia, started using body cameras for his crews back in 2020 after […]

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Moasure ONE: Revolutionizing the Green Industry

Sponsored Content Almost a year after exhibiting at the inaugural ELEVATE show, Moasure ONE continues to transform the green industry worldwide. Introduction Accurate measurements and estimates can make or break successful and profitable landscaping projects. Traditional measuring tools have long been the go-to for professionals, but with advancements in technology, a new player has entered […]

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Industry Check-In: Lawn and Landscape Companies Weigh In on Current Challenges

The landscape industry faces numerous challenges, including hiring, inflation and equipment delays. NALP touched base with members from across the country to see how they’ve been responding to these issues and preparing for them next year. Hiring and H-2B When it comes to hiring, it has never been an easy task, but most companies have […]

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Industry Trends: Most Industry Companies Still Growing in 2023

Business has been going well for many NALP members across the country this year. Most are cautiously optimistic about 2024 and expect to see continued growth. They are also exploring battery power and robotic mower options as they prepare for the future. Business This Year Companies like Weed Man in the Mid-Atlantic, Lawn Butler, based in […]

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Photo: Kubota

UTVs: The Workhorse of the Landscape Industry

Versatility and productivity are two ideal traits when it comes to equipment in the landscape industry and UTVs are able to deliver on both. “I think more and more landscape professionals are seeing the benefits of having a UTV in their fleet,” says Maureen McCormack, go-to-market manager for Gator Utility Vehicles for John Deere. “They […]

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Where Exhibitors See the Future of the Landscape Industry

The future isn’t set in stone, but it is something that many ELEVATE exhibitors think about and prepare for. Knowing where the industry and consumer demand are trending can help you set your lawn or landscape company up for better success. If you want to see the cutting edge when it comes to technology, robotics, […]

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How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Your Green Business

Artificial intelligence may seem like a tool that landscape professionals can’t take advantage of, but this technology provides multiple opportunities to business owners. “There are a ton of tools that can help you with marketing, that can help you with daily tasks, being able to automate those so that you can give more time to […]

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Lurie Garden at Millennium Park

How To Create Plant Communities With Matrix Plantings

If you have clients seeking a more naturalistic landscape or there is a need to blend a formal garden transitioning to the nearby countryside, matrix plantings can provide this native aesthetic along with a number of benefits. While the phrase ‘matrix planting’ may be an unfamiliar one, it boils down to the accepted concept of […]

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Increasing Efficiency in Your Estimation Process

Whether you work on the landscape maintenance or landscape construction side of the business, estimating and site measurement is a time-consuming task. If you aren’t taking advantage of the software and services available to speed up this necessary process, you could be sacrificing efficiency. “Estimators spend anywhere from 40-70% of their time on measuring sites,” […]

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