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Photo: Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape

Sustainability: A Place for Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers have been installed in the U.S. since the 1960s, but they’ve recently been increasing in popularity as topics like stormwater management become more widely known to the public. If you are considering adding permeable pavers as an offering in your hardscaping repertoire, check out where this solution shines and where it shouldn’t be […]

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Photo: Jeremy Witteveen

2023 Judges’ Award: Crafting A Multi-Level Outdoor Living Space

This property, located in the lakeview district of Chicago, Illinois, was surrounded by a harsh urban environment. The homeowners decided to remodel the property, leaving the surrounding area devoid of any landscaping. Desiring a degree of separation from the city and space for more experiences at their home, the client turned to Mariani Landscape, thanks […]

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Eco-Friendly Landscaping: Techniques for Landscape Professionals

Guest post by Rubi Cornejo, marketing manager at Advanced Pavers & Landscape In the world of landscaping, the call for sustainability and eco-consciousness grows louder each day. As urban areas expand and environmental challenges mount, our industry finds itself at a pivotal intersection. Clients, now more informed and environmentally aware, are not just seeking aesthetic […]

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Permeable pavers are one of the hardscaping trends on the rise.
Photo: Q&A Landscaping, LLC

Five Hot Hardscape Design Trends for 2024 

The desire for outdoor living spaces that serve as an additional room for homeowners is not dying down, but the hardscaping that serves as the foundation for these areas is evolving. Although customers are scaling back the size of their hardscaping budgets moving forward, you can still close deals by offering payment plans or financing. […]

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Creating a Five-Star Experience for Design-Build Clients

This information came from a session during the 2023 ELEVATE conference and expo. Don’t miss ELEVATE in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Nov. 3-6, 2024. In an industry where there are numerous landscape design-build companies to choose from, one differentiator that can help win and generate future referrals is providing superior customer service. Choosing to develop a luxury, […]

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Photo: Chris Major

Landscapes of the Month: Constructing a Lakefront Paradise

When the homeowners bought this Michigan property, it was just a tiny artist’s studio on a picturesque beach. Over the next couple of years, the team at TruNorth Landscaping LLC, based in Traverse City, Michigan, transformed the site into a stunning lakefront paradise. For the whole team at TruNorth, winning a 2023 Gold Award of […]

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Photo: Designs By Sundown

Landscapes of the Month: Blending the Interior with the Exterior

Many clients wish to have their home’s interior and exterior style match, and this contemporary house is a prime example. Named for its extensive glass doors, ‘A Glass Act’ has the modern style the owners want in their dream home. This project began as the family was renovating the home’s interior. However, they also wanted […]

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Photo: High Prairie Landscape Group, LLC

Caring for Plant Material During Project Delays 

Change orders, permitting issues and unsuitable weather are all possible causes of project delays that can result in the plant material you were ready to install to be put on standby for days or even weeks. Robyn Schmitz, owner and CEO of High Prairie Landscape Group, LLC, based in Edwardsville, Kansas, estimates they have to deal […]

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Pictured (left to right) managing partners Patrick Murray and Kenneth Deemer

Level Up: Nothing Is Impossible for Local Roots Landscaping

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. The landscape industry was accessible, attractive and profitable to Patrick Murray from an early age, as he had a passion for the outdoors and an entrepreneurial spirit. Murray’s childhood best friend, Kenneth Deemer, helped him run […]

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Lurie Garden at Millennium Park

How To Create Plant Communities With Matrix Plantings

If you have clients seeking a more naturalistic landscape or there is a need to blend a formal garden transitioning to the nearby countryside, matrix plantings can provide this native aesthetic along with a number of benefits. While the phrase ‘matrix planting’ may be an unfamiliar one, it boils down to the accepted concept of […]

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