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Mulch Madness: The Pros and Cons of Various Mulch Material

Mulch has a number of benefits, including maintaining soil temperatures, inhibiting weed growth and conserving water. It can also help create a cohesive look in the landscape. However, the number of options when it comes to mulch material is vast. One question you have to ask your clients is if they prefer organic or inorganic […]

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Water Management: Increasing Drip Irrigation Efficacy

As water prices rise and shortages become more commonplace, drip irrigation is often touted as an ideal way to conserve water. However, its efficient use of water depends on proper design, installation and management, just like any other irrigation system. Benefits of Drip Irrigation Drip irrigation can be used for watering vegetables, ornamental and fruit […]

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Tips for Installing a New Tree to Share with Customers

Arbor Day is almost a month away and if you have clients asking questions about properly installing a tree, you can share these clearcut steps with them. First, discuss with your client what type of tree they’d like to plant. Make sure their desired species can thrive in the climate where they’re planting. Once those […]

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Photo: Jill Odom

Keep It Fresh: Creative Seasonal Color Palette Ideas

Seasonal color services are something that you can use to set your landscape company apart from others in the commercial landscape maintenance space. Offering a program that provides eye-catching displays throughout the seasons helps enhance your properties and increase customer satisfaction. Because seasonal color is cyclical, you can run the risk of falling into a […]

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Technically Speaking: Caring for Ornamental Grasses

There are numerous types of ornamental grasses, and they can provide texture, movement and beauty to any landscape. These plants can be used as groundcovers, specimen plants, erosion control and vertical design elements. While they require little effort to maintain, they do still benefit from regular care such as pruning and dividing. Pruning  Whether pruning […]

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Business Smarts: Five Ways to Improve Efficiency

Operational efficiency can benefit your company in multiple ways. By streamlining your processes, you can eliminate time-consuming tasks, concentrate on your profit centers and save money. Being more efficient can also protect your team from burnout and create a more enjoyable place to work as well. Check out some of the different methods to keep […]

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Photo: The Davey Tree Expert Company

Don’t Forget the Trees! Benefits of Tree Fertilization

When you think about fertilization, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your clients’ lawns, but it’s important not to forget that other plants in the landscape can benefit from regular fertilization as well, like trees and shrubs. Do Trees Really Need Fertilizer? Trees’ needs can often be overlooked by clients unless it […]

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Photo: Green Lawn Fertilizing

Pre-Emergent Herbicides: The Foundation of a Strong Lawn Care Program

Pre-emergent herbicides are a useful tool that allows you to proactively set your clients’ lawns up for success. “The saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ I think applies nicely to pre-emergents in a lawn care setting,” says Palmer Higgins, president of Mainely Grass, based in Portland, Maine. “We are taking care of […]

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Lawn Care: Creating a Lawn Lab

Blades of Green, based in Edgewater, Maryland, consider themselves soil scientists, so naturally, they have a lawn lab for all their testing. Brad Leahy, vice president of Blades of Green, says they started their lawn lab five years ago when the organic movement started in Montgomery County. He says they wanted to start testing to […]

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Photo: NALP

The Importance of Properly Calibrating Lawn Care Equipment

Whether your lawn care season starts in spring in the Northeast or goes all year round, make sure you calibrate your lawn equipment to apply products properly and improve efficiency. Everything that applies a product, granular or liquid, should be carefully calibrated before your season starts. While it may seem like a chore you only […]

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