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Adopt Sustainable Landscape Practices and Grow Your Business

The decision to adopt more sustainable landscaping practices can be a powerful catalyst for business growth. As the environmental movement continues, consider embracing practices with a reduced environmental impact and become a sustainability leader in your community. Bob Grover, LIC, president of Pacific Landscape Management will present on this topic at LANDSCAPES 2020: The Virtual […]

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Let Your Actions Speak: Communicating Sustainability to Customers

It makes sense for sustainability and/or environmental stewardship to be a high priority for lawn and landscape companies but sometimes implementing and messaging this value can be an obstacle. Many companies in various industries declare they are green but not all of them put much action behind it. Mariani Landscape says sustainability is not just […]

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Here's What You Should Blog About

What should I blog about? This is the most frequent inquiry I get from clients, regardless of their industry or specialty.  Do you know why this is such an interesting question?  Because you can blog about anything you please, notwithstanding a few guidelines that were recently laid down by the FTC. This is why new […]

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Beyond a green interior

In PLANET’s November PLANET News Interior e-publication, I talk about how our industry can take advantage of the sustainability, green movement. Yes, PLANET and the Green Plants for Green Buildings organization are lobbying the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED recognition, and our members already tout the health benefits of “green” interiors, but we have other opportunities […]

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The broader meaning of sustainability

Sustainability is a word that has several different applications. In the landscape arena, it relates to designing a landscape that is in balance with nature and requires the minimal use of fertilizer, water, and other resources to maintain. Designing and maintaining sustainable landscapes is a fundamental element of the “greening of America” and a subject […]

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