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rooftop gardens

Enhancing Cities with Urban Green Spaces

Adding urban green spaces to cities can greatly improve their sustainability and boost the quality of life for residents. As cities continue to grow, green spaces can shrink but it’s critical to fight for these areas and increase their presence in urban areas. Why Urban Green Spaces Matter Urban green spaces have been dubbed the […]

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Elevate Your Rooftop Garden Designs With These Elements

While there are numerous considerations to be mindful of when designing rooftop gardens, with a creative mindset, the sky’s the limit to what can be installed in these spaces. “Rooftop gardens will present challenges when utilizing specific design elements, but these are just bumps in the road,” says Samantha Barrett, design manager for John Mini […]

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Four Essential Considerations for Creating a Rooftop Garden

In urban settings, rooftop gardens can be enjoyed by residential and commercial clients alike as they can provide an oasis amongst the concrete and steel structures. The popularity of these spaces is growing as people seek connections to nature and improved quality of life. “Clients see their rooftop spaces as an extension of their interior […]

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