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Tree Care: The Logistics of Storm Cleanup Services

If you’ve been debating adding a full-service tree care line, one niche aspect of this offering is post-storm cleanup. Emergency storm work is a hazardous undertaking, but going about it safely and efficiently can be a profitable endeavor. “Providing services related to storm damage is part of being a full-service tree company, and I recommend […]

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Palm Trees and the Quest for Shade in Southern California

Palm trees have once again come under fire for their place in the landscape and this time it is Southern California questioning their shade capabilities as the region seeks to expand their urban tree canopy. Canopy cover is a serious topic of discussion as urban areas seek to combat increasing temperatures, drought and air pollution. […]

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Boost Your Fall Business by Providing Much-Needed Tree Care

Depending on your location, your landscaping business may be slower during the fall and winter months, but your customers’ landscapes still need attention. One of the most important landscaping tasks during the cooler months is caring for trees. Customers often forget that trees need TLC, just like the rest of their landscapes. But you can […]

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Photo: RE-TREE

RE-TREE Is Preserving One Mature Tree at a Time

“I think every tree’s life matters, honestly,” says Dennise Vidosh, founder and CEO of RE-TREE. “Our ultimate mission at RE-TREE is to preserve and protect as many existing mature trees as possible.” Too often, mature trees are cut down to make way for a new project. Vidosh created her company when she saw an opportunity […]

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Tree Care: Dealing with Foliar Diseases

Foliar diseases are one of the most common diseases in trees, and if left untreated, they will lead to plant death. That’s why identifying the different types of foliar diseases ailing your client’s trees and understanding how to treat them is incredibly important. So, what are some of the different types of foliar diseases and […]

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Insurance Considerations When Adding Tree Care Services

Adding on tree care services to your existing business can be a result of customer demand or a desire to diversify your revenue sources. One major consideration with the addition of this service is the question of insurance costs and coverage. Because of this, you’ll have to decide whether you want to add a tree […]

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Celebrating Arbor Day Shows Hope for the Future

When Arbor Day was first founded in 1872, it was driven by J. Sterling Morton encouraging fellow Nebraska residents to plant trees across the territory. Now the day has become a time to celebrate the planting, upkeep and preservation of trees. “Arbor Day renews my hope and optimism that as a community, we acknowledge trees, […]

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Tips for Installing a New Tree to Share with Customers

Arbor Day is almost a month away and if you have clients asking questions about properly installing a tree, you can share these clearcut steps with them. First, discuss with your client what type of tree they’d like to plant. Make sure their desired species can thrive in the climate where they’re planting. Once those […]

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Photo: The Davey Tree Expert Company

Don’t Forget the Trees! Benefits of Tree Fertilization

When you think about fertilization, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your clients’ lawns, but it’s important not to forget that other plants in the landscape can benefit from regular fertilization as well, like trees and shrubs. Do Trees Really Need Fertilizer? Trees’ needs can often be overlooked by clients unless it […]

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Photo: Jill Odom

Technically Speaking: Don’t Commit Crape Murder

If you’re located in the South or have visited the region in late January or February, you’ve probably noticed a strange phenomenon where dormant crape myrtles are suddenly beheaded.   Often this well-intentioned but ill-informed practice stems from the belief it is necessary to encourage flowering in the plant. This is not the case. It […]

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