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Technically Speaking: Creating a Winter Wonderland for Birds

If you have clients who delight in bird watching, you can aid their enjoyment of this hobby by crafting a landscape that attracts and protects birds during the colder months. Like all living creatures, birds need food, water and shelter during the winter. You can help provide these elements in a variety of ways.   […]

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Tree Care: Four Winter Insects to Watch For

With winter right around the corner, it can be easy for your clients to be lulled in a false sense of security with insects out of sight and out of mind. However, the pests must overwinter somewhere, and many can settle down in dormant trees. While adult insects ride out the colder months, winter can […]

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Tree Care: Managing Snow and Ice Damage

Winter can be a brutal season for trees, particularly in the northern regions where they have to deal with significant snow and ice storms. Types of trees that are especially susceptible to winter damage include evergreen trees, soft-wooded trees, multi-leader trees and fastigiate trees. Evergreens’ dense crowns are more likely to catch and hold snow. […]

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Methods for Keeping the Design Pipeline Full Over the Winter

In the landscape industry, it’s natural for things to slow down in the winter as clients think less about their outdoor spaces and bad weather in some areas of the country presents challenges. However, keeping your design pipeline full over the winter season is still possible. While it was more of a struggle to keep […]

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Design-Build: Building Your Winter Backlog

If you’ve already got a fair amount of landscaping jobs scheduled for the spring, it can be tempting to coast through the winter months. However, with the ongoing supply chain issues, building your winter backlog can help with securing materials in advance. For some companies, the demand for custom residential landscapes doesn’t slow down, regardless […]

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