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water management

Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Water Management

When monitoring your client’s water usage on their property, are you going by gut feelings and guesstimates or do you have hard data to help drive your adjustment to their irrigation system? Justin White, owner of K&D Landscaping, Inc., based in Watsonville, California, compares not utilizing data-driven water management to if you had a credit card […]

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How I Do It: Leading the Conversation on Water Management Practices

K&D Landscaping, Inc., based in Watsonville, California, recently hosted their third Annual Central Coast Water Summit, at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Cocoanut Grove on March 7. This event was a gathering of experts, policymakers and stakeholders who all shared insights on sustainable water management strategies crucial to the Central Coast region. Justin White, owner of K&D […]

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Hot Button Issues: Gas-Powered Equipment, Weed Control and Water Management

The landscape industry frequently comes under fire for issues including the use of gas-powered equipment, synthetic weed control and water management. “If we look at anything at the macro level, there is usually some grain of truth and validity,” says Roscoe Klausing, founder and owner of Klausing Group. “It is when we get into the […]

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Water Management: Increasing Drip Irrigation Efficacy

As water prices rise and shortages become more commonplace, drip irrigation is often touted as an ideal way to conserve water. However, its efficient use of water depends on proper design, installation and management, just like any other irrigation system. Benefits of Drip Irrigation Drip irrigation can be used for watering vegetables, ornamental and fruit […]

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