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closing sales

Business Smarts: Sales Process Strategies to Keep the Ball Rolling

Ever wondered if your sales process is too slow or if your salespeople need to be more direct with their prospects? Time is money, so it’s natural to want your sales team to be as efficient as possible when moving a lead through your sales funnel. However, if you serve the residential design-build market, you […]

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Are You Conducting Effective Sales Conversations?

It can be frustrating when you meet with lead after lead, but hardly any of them pan out into actual sales. It can be tempting to just blame it on wishy-washy consumers who aren’t ready to commit to a serious investment. However, that enables you to avoid looking at your side of the interactions and […]

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Five Marketing Mistakes Landscape Entrepreneurs Need to Fix for 2024

Guest post by Robert Murray with Intrigue Media Marketing. Everyone has an opinion. Some are good, most are not, and few are backed by data and facts. So, how do you figure out who to trust and what to do? For the last three years, the wind has been at our back and business has […]

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