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Lawn Care: Selling The Value of Aeration Services

When you’re trying to provide your customers with a lush lawn for their property, one tool that can aid in this effort is aeration. The challenge is selling the service to customers who may not understand the purpose or benefits of aeration. Aeration helps reduce soil compaction. It also allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to […]

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Lawn Care: Methods for Improving Soil Oxygen Levels

Imagine trying to go about your day constantly holding your breath or only being able to breathe through a straw? Not the most pleasant living conditions, right? Likewise, your customers’ lawns could be experiencing something similar if the soil lacks healthy oxygen levels. Signs of Poor Soil Health A number of factors can impact soil […]

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Lawn Care Corner: FAQs on the Benefits of Fall Lawn Aeration, Seeding, and Weed Control

Fall is well underway and with it comes a number of necessary tasks to prepare the lawn for a strong start in the spring. Below are some answers to some common questions. Why are aeration and seeding so important for cool-season grasses? Aeration and overseeding are important cultural practices for cool-season grasses. Aeration alleviates soil […]

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How I Do It: Core or Liquid Aeration?

It is understood that fall aeration is beneficial for lawns and helps prepare them for the following spring. However, one question that is coming up more is what type of aeration services to provide your clients. Core aeration has been the standard for years, but more companies are adding liquid aeration as an option or […]

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Business Smarts: Getting the Most Out of Fall Aeration

It’s the time of the season for aerating. Fall aeration relieves soil compaction and allows for proper water and air exchange, enhancing root development. It complements the whole lawn care package and helps set your clients’ properties up for success, which is why so many companies in the lawn care and landscape maintenance industry offer […]

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Level Up: GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Spreads Its Roots with Franchises

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. Josh Wise knew he’d be an entrepreneur from the time he could talk. He was always selling something to somebody. He started out mowing lawns when he was 14, with his father driving him around on […]

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