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family business

Business Smarts: Dealing with Disagreements in the Family Business

Families are complicated and when you throw in running a business, it can make things even more challenging. However, many family-owned lawn care and landscape businesses are able to thrive because of how they handle and overcome disagreements. Check out their advice on dealing with disputes and other advice for successfully running a business with […]

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Business Smarts: Balancing Family Bonds While Running Your Landscape Company

The idea of a family business can be appealing if you’re looking for a partner you can trust but this model also comes with its own set of nuances and pitfalls to be mindful of.   “Having your own family members involved and engaged, it’s really special,” says Miles Kuperus Jr., founder and CEO of […]

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Family Businesses: Working Better Together

Many landscaping companies say they are family-focused or treat their employees like family, but what is it like to work with actual family members? These five companies share their experience of working with relatives and the lessons they’ve learned over the years keeping the business running with their kin. Stephen Hillenmeyer, CEO of Hillenmeyer Landscape […]

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entrepreneurial couples

Entrepreneurial Couples: When Business and Life Collide

The lawn and landscape industry has an interesting dynamic in that it involves quite a few “entrepreneurial couples,” a new term that is replacing “mom-and-pop.” The term refers to businesses owned by couples (spouses or life partners). And the truth is, there are more of them out there than people realize. Couples run many small […]

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