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organic maintenance

Landscapes of the Month: Preserving a Coastal Gem Via Organic Landscape Maintenance

This beautiful property in Connecticut is a few miles from the Long Island Sound, where it sits alongside an inlet and features a wide range of environments. Since 2020, the Glengate Company, based in Wilton, Connecticut, has been responsible for maintaining the landscape and finding ways to raise the standards for this site, leading them […]

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How I Do It: Offering Only Organic Maintenance Services

Since Nussbaum Group, based in Redmond, Washington, started their maintenance team in 2005, they have only offered 100% organic maintenance services. “While some companies may offer the choice to be organic, or not, we only allow 100% organic – for the good of our people, clients, the environment, and society,” says Dale Nussbaum, founder and […]

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