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Changing the Game: HeartLand Unlocks the Growth Potential of Their Partner Companies

Most landscape companies spend years fine-tuning their business before diving into M&As or attracting the attention of a private equity firm. In HeartLand’s case, acquisitions and private equity have been part of the business from the very beginning. Founded in April 2016, Ed Schatz Jr., founder & CEO of HeartLand, partnered with Great Range Capital […]

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Cultivating Unity: Navigating Growth While Preserving Organizational Identity

Whether you are growing organically, through mergers and acquisitions or a mixture of both, scaling your culture with your team is critical. This task can be challenging as you work to accommodate a larger workforce with multiple locations as communication breakdowns can lead to misunderstandings, misalignment, and a lack of cohesion. “Consistency across the board, […]

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Mariani Premier Group’s Approach to Software Integration After an M&A

When you consider growing your landscape company through mergers & acquisitions, one of your last considerations might be, “How are we going to combine our different software and technology?” Yet this is a critical step in the integration process to set your newly acquired company up for success post-merger. Mariani Premier Group has dealt this […]

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Inside Mergers & Acquisitions and What It Means for the Industry

At times, it can seem the industry trade press is reporting about another lawn care or landscape company being acquired on a monthly or even weekly basis. While the frequency of these acquisitions can make it feel like soon there be just a handful of larger landscape companies, the fragmentation of the industry prevents this […]

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