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landscape maintenance

Photo: David J. Frank Landscape Contracting

Landscapes of the Month: Maintaining a High-End Open-Air Shopping Center

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Hilldale is an open-air shopping center with over 50 stores located on 30 acres of land. Due to the previous landscaper not living up to Hilldale’s premium brand, the client decided it was time to hire a new company to complete the job. In 2019, the client brought in David J. […]

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(Right to left) Ben Filchak and John Baxter

Level Up: Deep Roots Landscape Grows To Be a One-Source Solution for Clients

As early as elementary school, John Baxter and Ben Filchak were talking about owning businesses and working together. Baxter started cutting lawns in middle school and continued all the way through college. While he attended the University of North Georgia studying business management, he took a course on small business and created a business plan. […]

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Photo: The Davey Tree Expert Company

Don’t Forget the Trees! Benefits of Tree Fertilization

When you think about fertilization, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your clients’ lawns, but it’s important not to forget that other plants in the landscape can benefit from regular fertilization as well, like trees and shrubs. Do Trees Really Need Fertilizer? Trees’ needs can often be overlooked by clients unless it […]

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Photo: Jill Odom

Technically Speaking: Don’t Commit Crape Murder

If you’re located in the South or have visited the region in late January or February, you’ve probably noticed a strange phenomenon where dormant crape myrtles are suddenly beheaded.   Often this well-intentioned but ill-informed practice stems from the belief it is necessary to encourage flowering in the plant. This is not the case. It […]

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Landscapes of the Month: Maintaining a Private Botanical Garden

Located in Houston, Texas, this client desired a lush, tropical botanical garden that features a large and diverse variety of plant material. They wanted to bring together some traditional aspects of a southern garden, such as formal hedges and colorful flowers with a varied plant palette. In the back, the edge of the property backs […]

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Level Up: EarthCraft Landscaping Seeks to Continually Improve and Learn

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. You could say a love for the landscape industry is how EarthCraft Landscaping, based in Indiana, Pennsylvania, came to be. Husband and wife owners Aaron and Shanna Scordo had previously worked for another landscape company that […]

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Photo: Sandy DeFoe

Landscapes of Month: Maintaining an Aging Shopping and Office Center

Located in North City, Missouri, the Briarcliff Shops and Offices intends to provide a unique, up-scale location that supplies shopping, dining, offices, and events, including a park and pond, to the local community and city at large. In order to maintain this area, Embassy Landscape Group, Inc., based in Riverside, Missouri, was hired to take […]

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Gypsy moth egg mass

Technically Speaking: Eliminate Overwintering Pests

Clients might think in the winter there are no lawn or landscape matters to concern themselves with, but this a prime time to monitor and eliminate overwintering pests that can become a problem in the spring. While one can hope the freezing temperatures will kill off all of these troublesome insects, many can survive as […]

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Level Up: Stay Green, Inc. Looks to Double In Size

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. Right before Christmas in 1969, Richard Angelo was laid off from his nursery job. Operating out of his garage, he started Stay Green, Inc., based in Santa Clarita, California, in 1970, serving residential clients. Now his […]

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Take Time to Refresh Your Pruning Practices

If you’re an experienced landscape professional, it’s easy to think once you’ve mastered a technique like pruning, there’s no need to revisit the matter. However, this mindset can cause you to hold on to obsolete pruning practices. “We’re working with living plants, which are dynamic organisms,” says Jen Kettell, owner of Radiant Leaf Consulting and […]

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