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(From left to right) Jennifer Jorge, COO of King GREEN; Roscoe Klausing, president and CEO of Klausing Group, Inc.; Steve Bromell, CEO of Pro Cutters Lawnscapes, Inc.; and Tim Portland, chairman and CEO of Yellowstone Landscape
Photo: NALP

Leadership Strategies from Top Landscape and Lawn Care Executives

Who doesn’t struggle to lead a company with all the pressures that come with it? There’s never enough time to accomplish what you want in a day. So, how do landscape industry executives run their companies under pressure? Steve Bromell, CEO of Pro Cutters Lawnscapes, Inc.;  Jennifer Jorge, COO of King GREEN; Roscoe Klausing, president […]

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How Krisjan Berzins Found Leadership-Focused Education

Attending industry events has always been important to Krisjan Berzins, founder of Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape in Alexandria, Virginia. However, it isn’t easy finding seminars that pertain best to specific needs when many events cater to the masses. That’s why when Berzins came across NALP’s Leadership Academy event, he was intrigued. It was an event […]

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Want to Propel Your Landscape Business Forward? Leadership is the Answer

How does a landscape professional create an evolving company—one that is moving forward and won’t become stale? He or she must lead it. Sounds simple, sure. But according to Wes Gipe of Aileron, who spoke at last week’s Leaders Forum, an NALP event, this is essential if companies don’t want to die a slow death. […]

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Teams have to work together to win games

As part of our #NALPKnows series, we talked to Scott Jamieson, Landscape Industry Certified, NALP president and vice president of Bartlett Tree Experts in Chicago, Illinois, about working together as a team, and leaving it on the field during LANDSCAPES 2015. When I hear the expression leaving it on the field, I immediately think of how […]

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Giving Back to Get Ahead

As part of  our#NALPStories series, we talked to Dan Foley, recipient of the 2015 Lifetime Leadership award about giving back to the landscape industry, and the importance of being involved in the association. Giving back and being involved in leadership have always been important to Dan Foley, Landscape Industry Certified, National Association of Landscape Professionals […]

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Relax. Recharge. Renew. That’s the Great Escape Experience

I understand- I really do. There is family, there are friends, there is your health, then employees, payroll, jobs, clients, budgets, meetings, reports, equipment, quotas, tasks, to dos, the never-ending lists—and therein lies my point. The list and the responsibilities never stop, but how we respond to them can be positive and rewarding. I know […]

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Volunteerism Fosters Growth

When I became PLANET president last year, I truly didn’t have any idea how the year would unfold. As a long-time lawn care professional and supporter of PLANET, I have a vested interest in the industry, and thought that serving as president would give me an opportunity to promote and help improve the industry. Hopefully, […]

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Bring it on!

Seventeen years ago, I was president of the state association in Oregon and attending an Executive Forum Meeting in Sun River, Oregon. At the time, I remember making it a goal to one day become president of the ALCA group (now one of PLANET’s legacy organizations). That time has come and passed, and serving as […]

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Innovation begins with the CEO

Like many industries, our industry is undergoing significant changes. Some companies will not survive, as their leaders cling to the past, dig in their heels, or bury their heads in the sand. Other companies will charge into the future, guided by leaders seeking new opportunities to add value to their customer’s lives. The difference between […]

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ARIA Resort Vegas, location of PLANET’s Executive Forum, featured in United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine

I was flying home recently on United Airlines from a consulting trip that took me through Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.  I realized I had not read Hemispheres Magazine (United’s Inflight Magazine) for the month of December yet, so I flipped through it as my plane took off out of a cold, snowy and icy Allentown, […]

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