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Sound advice from an industry veteran

Many years ago, my boss gave me some important advice after my team had completed a difficult project. He said, “Bill, congratulations on finishing this project. Of course, you know why you and your team succeeded, don’t you? Discipline was the key, and it’s always the key to getting something done.” With so much experience […]

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PLANET Summer Leadership

I’m writing live from PLANET’s Summer Leadership Meeting (SLM) in beautiful Stevenson, Washington – just 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon. It has been an incredible few days so far of our staff, members, suppliers and leadership focusing on the core direction of PLANET – especially in these uncertain economic times.  I have to say that […]

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How do you spell Success? I spell it PLANET by Bill Arman Head Harvester; The Harvest Group

I recently watched the winner of the national spelling bee successfully spell out the final word of the competition and was announced the champion. As always, I am amazed how bright these young people are and how bad a speller I am. Then I started thinking about the upcoming Summer PLANET Leadership meeting being held […]

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