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Photo: Scott's Landscaping

Protecting Your Business: Rising from the Ashes – How to Recover from Disaster

‘That’ll never happen to me’ can be a common thought as you hear stories of disasters taking place. However, the truth is many incidents happen when people least expect it. While most misfortunes are unforeseen and there’s little that could be done to prevent them from occurring, how you respond to these types of emergencies […]

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Growing Talent From Within

Hiring is hard, but companies that invest in their people and promote internally enjoy many benefits, from improved employee productivity and retention rates to significant savings in both time and money. “Hiring from within is important for the culture and growth of your company,” says Jennifer Jorge, COO and partner of King GREEN. “When people […]

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Photo: Kingstowne Home Services

How I Do It: Adding a Home Services Division  

If you have your residential clients often asking if you know a handyman or provide home services, you may be considering taking on these services yourself. This was the case for Krisjan Berzins, founder of Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape, based in Alexandria, Virginia. He started offering painting services for his clients over 10 years ago. “I […]

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Green June beetle

Technically Speaking: Dealing With June Bugs

If you have clients complaining about June bugs, you’re probably going to need them to get more specific or conduct a site visit yourself as the common name ‘June bug’ can refer to a number of different species of beetles in the genus Phyllophaga. Some of the most common beetles to be dubbed June bugs […]

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Photo: Kurt Thompson/IrriTech Training

Troubleshooting Irrigation Customer Call Backs

Because irrigation systems are mostly out of sight and out of mind for clients, unless something is visibly broken, they’re probably not calling your company to come fix anything. What will get them to pick up the phone is if they see the landscape declining. “Almost always, regardless of an electronic or hydraulic problem, it’s […]

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Coming Off the High of NCLC with David Grover and Jenn Myers: Season 3, Episode 44 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

In season 3, episode 44 of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, hosts Miles Kuperus at Include Software, Neal Glatt with GrowTheBench and Brett Lemcke with R.M. Landscape talk with David Grover, branch manager of Pacific Landscape Management as well as Jenn Myers, senior director of workforce development with NALP. As a branch manager […]

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Meet Joe Munie, 2022 Advocacy Award Winner

Joe Munie, president of Munie Greencare Professionals, based in Caseyville, Illinois, was presented the 2022 Advocacy Award during ELEVATE in Orlando, Florida. This award is presented to an individual who has dedicated their time and efforts to go above and beyond to help represent and defend the interests of our industry at the local, state […]

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Inflation Reduction Act Features Tax Credit for Commercial Grade Electric Lawn Mowers

The Inflation Reduction Act was signed by President Biden on Aug. 16, 2022, and this new law includes a tax credit for electric vehicles. Within the definition, large commercial grade lawn mowers are included. The tax credit is 30 percent per vehicle/lawn mower, with a max of $7,500 per vehicle/lawn mower. The credit is available […]

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Innovator Series: The Future Is Robotics as a Service

Sponsored Content When Robin Autopilot started out in 2015, founders Justin Crandall and Bart Lomont used a ‘Uber-for-lawncare’ model for their traditional mowing services. However, due to labor gaps, they switched to robotic mowing and sold off the traditional business to Porch.com. They launched a franchise model to expand the business in 2018. In 2019, […]

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Hot Topics: Hiring, Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent: Season 2, Episode 42 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

  • March 10, 2022
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In season 2, episode 42 of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, hosts Macey Robinson with LandCare, Neal Glatt, managing partner of GrowTheBench and Luke Melograno with Mariani Landscape talk with each other. In this podcast, our hosts discuss the hot topics of hiring, recruiting and retention. With the lack of available workforce being a […]

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