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Volunteerism Fosters Growth

When I became PLANET president last year, I truly didn’t have any idea how the year would unfold. As a long-time lawn care professional and supporter of PLANET, I have a vested interest in the industry, and thought that serving as president would give me an opportunity to promote and help improve the industry. Hopefully, I’ve done my share in that regard and have made a difference. 

What I didn’t know or even expect was how being in this position would impact me both personally and professionally. Over the year, which by the way sailed by incredibly fast, I’ve met new friends, stretched myself socially and intellectually, and have had so many great experiences. I’m living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and I have PLANET to thank for that.

At the professional level, think about why most of us join PLANET, go to events, and volunteer. Yes, we all want to give something back to our chosen profession and industry. Even more important, though, and immediate, is our desire to learn more about the industry, grow our businesses, and help ensure our families and our employees’ families have a bright future. I can say that being PLANET president, and being part of this fine organization over the years, has been invaluable in this regard.

Where else can you exchange business ideas and benchmark with peers? Where else can you develop relationships with people who think like you and have many of the same challenges you have? Where else can you share ideas and find answers to your most pressing questions in a nonthreatening and noncompetitive environment? The answer is nowhere else but here.

PLANET offers all its members a unique opportunity to grow, and volunteering to be on committees and participating in leadership expands that opportunity several fold. And, even though I’ve been in PLANET leadership for several years, what I experienced over those years is only a microcosm of what I’ve experienced this past year. Being PLANET president is like condensing several years of participating on committees, going to events, and making new friends and associates into one fantastic year. 

Highlights for me? Oh, I’ve had several, but I think my favorite one involves attacking the strategic plan and the challenges associated with getting it up and running. I’ll leave it to my successor Norman Goldenberg, Landscape Industry Certified Technician, to follow through with this important agenda item. It is in good hands.


Jerry Grossi, Landscape Industry Certified

2011/2012 PLANET President