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Relax. Recharge. Renew. That’s the Great Escape Experience

I understand- I really do. There is family, there are friends, there is your health, then employees, payroll, jobs, clients, budgets, meetings, reports, equipment, quotas, tasks, to dos, the never-ending lists—and therein lies my point. The list and the responsibilities never stop, but how we respond to them can be positive and rewarding.

I know some days I just want to use the backhoe, dig a cave, and go hide in it, just for a little while, until I catch my breath. I just need an escape, even if it’s just for a brief moment while I shore up to face the world again.


What do you do to recharge yourself? Do you take the time to invest in yourself? What does self-care look like? Where do you escape?

When you make the choice to invest in yourself, you are investing in everyone else that you touch by practicing that self-care. So many of us are trying so hard to be all to everyone that we don’t take the time to stop and recharge; to fill our own well.

As a past attendee of the Great Escape, the annual executive conference and retreat hosted by PLANET, I can attest that this event provides the springboard for the successful “rest” of the year; the chance to pause and take care of myself. I get to feed and expand my mind with knowledge, innovative ideas, and new experiences. My soul is warmed as I gather with old friends and make new ones. I soak in the environment around me as it whispers “Relax, Enjoy, and Rest.”


The Great Escape 2015 will allow the perfect balance of learning, networking, fun, and self-care. Be just as disciplined about rest as you are about work. Be intentional! Grab your sunscreen, join me, and attend Great Escape 2015 at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Come back wiser, refreshed, and TANNED!


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Joy Diaz, Landscape Industry Certified, CMO, Executive Vice President, Land Care, Inc.
Joy has been very active within PLANET over the past two decades, serving on several committees.