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Boosting Your Business: The Art of Transitioning Your Customer Base

While you may have started out serving residential clients, at some point, you might decide to focus on commercial properties moving forward. There’s no set company size or length of years of operation that determines when to make this type of transition, nor is it mandatory to make it at all. However, numerous lawn and […]

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Talking with Titans: Richard Sperber

Richard Sperber is the executive chairman of Sperber Landscape Cos. He started in the industry working for his father’s company, ValleyCrest Landscape Cos. Sperber took on leadership of ValleyCrest in 2001 and grew it to more than 100 worldwide locations. He merged the company with The Brickman Group in 2014 to form BrightView. After a […]

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Peer Perspectives: Inside All-Electric Landscape Maintenance Operations

Between regulations, customer preferences and a desire to reduce emissions, there are numerous reasons to consider adding electric equipment to your fleets. But some companies aren’t just thinking about it; they’re going all in. Why Do It? “For me, it was really just ease of use,” says Daniel Cienfuegos, co-owner of Electrawn, LLC, based in […]

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Conquering Challenges: Overcoming Seasonal Flooding at Riverfront Property

This project earned Landvisions a Gold Award for Residential Design/Build in the 2023 Awards of Excellence. The banks of the Red River near Shreveport, Louisiana, are not your typical landscape setting, as the river frequently has seasonal flooding that impacts nearby homeowners. This family was looking to create a landscape that would match their home’s […]

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Faces of the Industry: Brian McGrady

Brian McGrady served in the Marine Corps for 20 years before retiring at the rank of gunnery sergeant. A fellow Marine introduced him to the landscape industry, and he has been in the industry for roughly five years now. “We have always had similar goals and values,” McGrady says. “He knew that this would be […]

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Protecting Your Business: Ingraining Defensive Driving Tactics

Even with the best route density, your crews spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel. One way to help reduce the risk of accidents occurring while they’re out in the field is to train them in defensive driving tactics. “No matter how skilled a driver is, the road is littered with potential hazards, […]

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Protecting Your Business: Effective Equipment Theft Deterrent Strategies

You invest a significant amount in your fleet and equipment, and the last thing you want to deal with are thefts that impact your crew’s ability to work. Implementing a number of deterrent strategies, as well as best practices for equipment recovery, can help reduce these occurrences. Teddy Russell, CEO of Russell Landscape Group, based […]

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Conquering Challenges: Long-Distance Landscaping a Lakefront Property

This project earned David J. Frank Landscape Contracting a Gold Award for Residential Landscape Contracting in the 2023 Awards of Excellence. This modern landscape resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where amenities are hard to find, and long winters limit the timeframe for outdoor projects. The owners of this lakefront property desired a landscape that […]

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NALP Foundation Builds Roblox Game to Reach the Next Generation

The NALP Foundation recently announced their latest awareness initiative, which will focus on young people from ages 5 to 15 through the online gaming platform Roblox. The NALP Foundation is creating a game in partnership with Epic Reach, a global creative and advanced innovation agency. This game, called Landscape Design Empire, will allow players to […]

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Building Your Team: Crafting a Successful Internship Program

Nubia Guiterrez, director of human resources for Mullin, based in St. Rose, Louisiana, says they started their internship program over four years ago and utilized NALP’s internship program guide as the foundation for their platform. “We knew that our industry has a lot of issues in finding people,” Guiterrez says. “So what better way to […]

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