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Protecting Your Business: Crafting Hiring Strategies for H-2B Visa Shortfalls

It’s the news you never want to hear. You didn’t receive your H-2B visas for this year. However, due to the volatility of this temporary visa program, it is a reality for many landscaping companies. “The H-2B program is something that’s great, but it’s always a gamble, unfortunately,” says Nubia Guiterrez, director of human resources […]

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Team Building: Six Soft Skills To Seek with New Hires

It’s natural to want to find employees who have years of experience in the landscape industry and have the necessary skill set so you don’t have to spend quite so much time training them. However, that caliber of team member isn’t always readily available, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for the next […]

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How to Hire the Right Person, the First Time

Hiring new employees is expensive. Ideally, you want to hire the right people the first time, instead of having to turn around and try to fill the position again when it doesn’t work out with the current hire. “Studies estimate that it costs more than a thousand dollars to hire an entry-level employee, from the […]

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NALP Members Weigh in on Hiring During COVID-19

With an influx of unemployed workers available due to COVID-19 related company layoffs, if you’re looking to upgrade or grow your team, here’s what NALP members are saying about hiring right now. “In the past, maybe there was room for some ‘fluff’ but when you’re operating day to day, week to week, and there are […]

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iGen workforce

3 Ways to Reach the iGen Workforce

If you’re struggling to hire or retain employees, it’s possible you may need to revisit the way you do things. Today, the post-millennial generation (Generation Z) is arriving in the workforce—and their wants and needs are quite different than you might be used to. That means if you’re still employing yesterday’s approach to hiring and […]

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How LandCare Built a Positive Team Culture

When Mike Bogan took over the helm of LandCare in 2014, it was his goal to remodel the company in a way that would “fit the type of culture” he felt was missing from the industry. It was a positive team culture he experienced in his former role at Brickman, where he spent his last […]

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