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Business Advice & Stories

How to Influence Consumer Buying Decisions

Because landscape and lawn care services are mostly discretional purchases and there is an abundance of choice when it comes to providers, it’s critical you can persuade your client base to select you over other options. Your marketing efforts can be highly effective at influencing consumer behavior if you consider some of the main factors […]

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Photo: RE-TREE

RE-TREE Is Preserving One Mature Tree at a Time

“I think every tree’s life matters, honestly,” says Dennise Vidosh, founder and CEO of RE-TREE. “Our ultimate mission at RE-TREE is to preserve and protect as many existing mature trees as possible.” Too often, mature trees are cut down to make way for a new project. Vidosh created her company when she saw an opportunity […]

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Crush Your Goals with a Beginner’s Mindset

Typically, a beginner is not someone held in high esteem. They’re unskilled and tend to lack the knowledge required to be successful. Liz Forkin Bohannon, founder and CEO of Sseko Designs, argues channeling your inner beginner allows you to become a more curious, innovative and effective leader. During the opening Main Stage session at ELEVATE […]

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Managing Stress as a Lawn Care or Landscape Business Owner

Being a business owner, you face numerous challenges from finding labor to scheduling delays caused by weather. While no one said running a business would be easy, it shouldn’t be so stressful to the point you are dealing with constant anxiety, fear, isolation or burnout. Get to the Root of Your Stressors Sometimes stress doesn’t […]

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Sebert Landscape Implements Autonomous Commercial Mowers

When RC Mowers announced their autonomous mower robots last fall, Steve Pearce, COO for Sebert Landscape, based in Bartlett, Illinois, says he was hooked after getting to demo the mowers. “RC last fall blew me away with how far along they were with it, so we committed to two of them right away,” Pearce says. […]

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Develop an Attitude of One More Thing, One More Time

It’s been said that you only fail when you stop trying. This mindset can also be described as Josh Sundquist’s motto of ‘One more thing, one more time,’ or 1MT1MT, as he did not let the amputation of his left leg prevent him from becoming a premier athlete. If you want to learn more about […]

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Photo: Chalet

Team Building: Bridging the Culture Gap

Many lawn and landscape companies have a diverse workforce, but if you’re not taking the time to understand your team’s cultural differences, you could fail to retain your workers long-term. “Any company or industry that has and embraces diversity can benefit tremendously,” says Pam Berrios, president of Infinity Group, LLC. “Diversity helps companies grow and […]

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Business Smarts: Plant Growth Regulators and Their Potential

You can’t slow down time, but you can slow plants with the help of plant growth regulators. These products can be used in various settings and serve as yet another way for landscape professionals to work smarter, not harder. “PGRs are a powerful yet underutilized tool in the plant health care toolbox,” says Emmett Muennink, […]

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Photo: Sullivan’s Landscaping & Maintenance

How I Do It: Focusing on Your Ideal Client

Everyone needs lawn and landscaping services, so technically, your business should serve everyone, right? Not necessarily. If you are looking to grow and sustain your business, at some point you need to determine who your ideal client base is and pursue them. Julie Hayes, a branch manager for Sullivan’s Landscaping & Maintenance, based in Milford, […]

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Growing Your Business with Events with Claire Goldman: Season 4, Episode 4 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

In season 4, episode 4 of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, host Brett Lemcke with R.M. Landscape talks with Claire Goldman, principal and head of design and business development for R&R Landscaping, based in Auburn, Alabama. Goldman cultivated a love for the outdoors and plants as a child following her grandma around the […]

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