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team building

Team Building: Improving Team Communication

Communication is one of the keys to customer satisfaction in the landscaping business but it’s just as important to have strong communication on your teams and between departments. Even if you think your current team communication is good, there is always room for improvement. Effective communication leads to better productivity and fewer misunderstandings, missed deadlines […]

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Team Building: Presenting to Students Virtually

While presenting to students in person is great, it may not always be financially or physically possible. “I think Zoom is the second-best way to do it versus in person and given the challenges we have with the cost of travel and the impact that you can make with online, I think online is a […]

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Team Building: Presenting to Students In-Person

One way to help deal with the ongoing labor shortage is by investing your time in the future and speaking to students about the lawn care and landscape industry. “Even though it makes you nervous it’s actually a lot of fun and very rewarding,” says Chris Joyce, president of The Joyce Companies, based in Marstons […]

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Team Building: Plan Your Training

If you’re heading into the off-season, take advantage of this time to plan your training opportunities for your crews. NALP offers a number of different training options that can help make the most of the slower months while providing professional development opportunities for your employees. Benefits of Training Offering ongoing training helps team members retain […]

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Team Building: Hosting a Holiday Party Without Breaking the Bank

The year is drawing to a close and the collection of holidays in December make it a prime time to host a celebration. It’s natural to want to host a party as a sign of appreciation to all those who helped your business complete another successful season. However, the funds for your party planning committee […]

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How I Do It: Creating a Leadership Development Program

As your lawn care or landscape company grows, you’ll need leaders to step up and fill new roles. Naturally, you want to reward your team members who have been with you on the front lines, but some of them may need some fine-tuning before they’re ready for a management position. Often you are faced with […]

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Team Building: Encouraging Good Etiquette

Manners matter. You may think proper etiquette is something everyone already knows but it might surprise you how people have different ideas when it comes to this concept. Next time you have a staff meeting, ask your employees what they think etiquette is or ask them to provide examples. This can give you a good […]

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Team Building: The Value in Internship Programs

With the competitive labor market, it can be a challenge to find the necessary team members to grow your lawn and landscape company. One recruiting tool is offering an internship to students that allows them to develop important skills while promoting long-term career growth in the industry. Many of the landscape companies that offer an […]

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Team Building: Exploring Applicant Tracking Systems

Labor seems to be a constant issue for those in the lawn care and landscape industry. This means you probably have at least one job posting up at all times and you have a number of resumes to sort through. Because applying for jobs online is relatively easy, many unqualified applicants can think it’s “worth […]

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Team Building: Professional Development Options for Employees

A lot of different factors go into why employees want to work for your company and stay long-term. Aside from paying competitive wages and offering benefits like health insurance, providing a career path and professional development can attract those who want something more than just a job. There are a number of professional development options […]

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