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Year: 2022

Business Smarts: Offering Different Electronic Payment Methods

To keep your lawn or landscape business running smoothly you need steady cash flow. One consideration to improve that cash flow is making bill payment for customers as easy as possible. While cash or check are still viable options, more companies are opting to include additional electronic payment methods. Depending on the size of your […]

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Gypsy moth egg mass

Technically Speaking: Eliminate Overwintering Pests

Clients might think in the winter there are no lawn or landscape matters to concern themselves with, but this a prime time to monitor and eliminate overwintering pests that can become a problem in the spring. While one can hope the freezing temperatures will kill off all of these troublesome insects, many can survive as […]

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REPLAY: Cultivating Company Culture with Michele Posehn

In this replay episode of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, Macey Robinson at LandCare, Neal Glatt of GrowTheBench, Luke Melograno at Mariani Landscape, and Brett Lemcke of R.M. Landscape, talk with Michele Posehn, senior manager of diversity initiatives and university relations at SiteOne Landscape Supply. Posehn came to SiteOne three years ago and has built […]

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Business Texting Trends for 2023

Texting has been around for over 25 years now, and for many people, it is the preferred form of communication. Naturally, some businesses have started messaging their customers professionally as an organization. If you’ve been considering adding business texting to your communication channels with customers, check out some of the survey results Text Request gathered […]

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Are You Ready to Sell Your Business? Use This Checklist

Sponsored Content If you own a landscaping business and you’re thinking about your exit strategy and how to one day retire, we’ve prepared a thorough checklist of all the things you’ll need to consider to get ready for the sale of your business. The first question most potential buyers will ask is: ‘Why are you […]

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Faces of the Industry: Mari Medrano

Mari Medrano was 16 years old when she first started working in the office at CoCal Landscape Services, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado. She worked as an office assistant there and then left the industry for a time. She returned in 1998 while she was in college and started working in the field. “It was […]

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Gain a Competitive Edge With Stronger Sales Leadership

This information came from a session during the 2022 ELEVATE conference and expo. Don’t miss the 2023 ELEVATE in Dallas on Sept. 10-13. Sales cannot be managed but leading sales activities and leading metrics can be. When you put effort into building an outstanding sales organization, you can create a sustainable competitive advantage and maintain your growth […]

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The Value of SOPs and Making the Most of Them

This information came from a session during the 2022 ELEVATE conference and expo. Don’t miss the 2023 ELEVATE in Dallas on Sept. 10-13. Processes and systems are the bedrock of your company. Implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) can turn your organization into a place of order and predictable business systems.   Bob Maffei, owner of The Maffei […]

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Happy Thanksgiving: Season 3, Episode 27 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

In this special Thanksgiving episode of Growing in the Green Industry, our hosts wanted to wish all our listeners a very Happy Thanksgiving! This episode is hosted by Miles Kuperus III, with Include Software, Macey Robinson with LandCare and Brett Lemcke with RM Landscape. We’ll be back next week with a new episode. Listen to […]

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Boosting Your Business: How Adding Franchises Can Grow Your Revenue

It’s natural to want to grow your business, and frustrating when you are hitting a ceiling. Adding a franchise is one option to help overcome this issue and to scale your company up. “Adding a franchise will boost company revenue significantly if the owner follows the systems and policies in place,” says Josh Wise, CEO […]

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