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Recertification FAQs and Industry CEU Opportunities

Being Landscape Industry Certified can help you win more work, expand your career opportunities and help you build a better business. NALP also provides marketing materials, logos and more for Landscape Industry Certified individuals to promote their expertise. If you or your team members have taken the time to become Landscape Industry Certified, you want to ensure your credentials stay up to date.

Recertification FAQs

What do I need to do to renew my certification?

  • Pay the $110 recertification fee
  • Submit a minimum of 24 hours of CEUs. Options include:
    • 24 hours of education OR
    • 16 hours of education, and 8 hours of service

When do I need to renew?

  • Every 2 years. Use your good through date to determine your recertification deadline.

How do I renew?

What is my username and password?

What if I don’t renew on time?

  • Extra fees may apply.
  • You risk losing your credential(s). Certificants who allow their credentials to lapse over 12 months are required to retake the exam.

CEU Opportunities

There are numerous ways to earn CEUs for certification. An often overlooked method of earning CEUs is taking advantage of the materials in the NALP bookstore.

“If they even go into our toolkits and read some of those, that counts,” says Margo Rash, director of programs. “Buy a book, read it. If, at some point, you determine you want to get another certification, buy the lawn care technician manual and do your study. You’re killing two birds with one stone. You’re able to claim it for continuing education and you are learning about the business.”

Other sources of CEUs include conferences, in-house training, webinars (live or archived) and seminars presented by national, regional, state associations or companies. The subject matter must be green industry or job-related. College courses in business management or horticulture provide 15 CEUs per credit hour. Education supporting green industry license completion or renewal, such as your pesticide applicator license, provides 1 CEU per hour of instruction. Completing a new NALP specialty endorsement earns 4 CEUs.

Writing articles or books for publication, preparing presentations at schools, conferences, workshops or programs, or reading as part of self-study, can also earn CEUs. The subject matter must be green industry or job-related. Each article, presentation and self-study material may be counted only once during a two-year recertification period.

As for service-related CEUs, you can work as a Landscape Technician Bootcamp instructor, Landscape Management Apprenticeship mentor, teach company-sponsored training for onboarding new hires, or present at schools, conferences or programs on green industry-related topics. You can also serve on a board or as a committee chair for a national, regional or state association. Each of these methods provides 1 CEU per hour.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.