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student ambassador

Student Ambassador: Let the fun begin

Logan Oates here again. GIC is officially over but I feel that it is just starting. I feel that I’ve become a more integral part of PLANET and have met so many great contacts and people. Even though GIC is over I am now busy keeping in touch with people, adding friends on facebook, and […]

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GIC is underway!!!

Today (wednesday) was registration day and boy, did we have a long day!!! The other ambassadors and I worked the registration table, introduced guest speakers, and made sure the conference runs smoothly.  BUT, we stood all day and really learned on the fly and completely held things together. Zane Castle is ‘Mom’ while we are […]

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FINALLY!!!! I just got into my room at the Marriott Louisville Downtown and this place is sweeeet! Its buzzing with excitement about the conference which starts in like 12 hours.  Never have I seen such promise in any industry!!! There are company reps running around the lobby networking and setting up a ton of future […]

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In the heat of GIC

Well, the first two days of GIC have come to an end and they have been great. It’s been pretty busy and I’m not doing so well in the sleep department. We’ve been helping set up for all the classes and helping out with registration. The rest of the student ambassadors are great and are […]

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GIC here I come!

Hello Green Industry! My name is Mark Gonzalez and I am a senior undergrad student out of the University of Maryland.  My majors, Landscape Management and Horticulture, have allowed me to be nominated for a Student Ambassador program for this years Green Industry Conference in Kentucky!!  Oh and Thank you Professor Steve Cohan for nominating […]

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On my way to the Green Industry Conference

The first time that I heard about GIC was in my careers class at BYU, Provo with Dr. Phil Allen (CLP and Planet Board Member). A group of students that just got back from the 2008 GIC, along with an ambassador, spoke about the great experiences they had at the conference. I quickly joined PLANET […]

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