HELLLLOOOO LOUISVILLE!!!! - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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FINALLY!!!! I just got into my room at the Marriott Louisville Downtown and this place is sweeeet! Its buzzing with excitement about the conference which starts in like 12 hours.  Never have I seen such promise in any industry!!! There are company reps running around the lobby networking and setting up a ton of future business deals!

The question is……WHAT DO I DO TO MAKE A NAME FOR MYSELF, THE AMBASSADORS AND MY UNIVERSITY!?!?!?!! Ps…Thanks again Professor Steve Cohan!!

Read carefully followers, this conference is the place to improve your future! We stand at a forefront of a powerful industry with no end in sight so take advantage and come meet the best and the brightest of the green industry!!

Until tomorrow,

Mark Gonzalez , University of Maryland