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Green Industry Careers

…and so it begins!

My brain has been waking me up every hour or two and so I have given up the fight. Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity.  The Chattahoochee Tech TeamPLANET left the Acworth, Georgia, North Metro Campus at 5:15 a.m. We were saddened that at 5:00 a.m. teammate Nanci Lee got a phone call and had to […]

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Uniqueness of PLANET's Student Career Days

The uniqueness of PLANET’s Student Career Days (SCD) does not escape me. There is nowhere else I know that students have the chance to test their skills in realistic industry situations with the full support of potential employers and current educational mentors. Sort of a crash course internship while still in the comfortable cocoon of a supportive family.  […]

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Final Days of GIC, Ambassador perspective!

Hey followers, Since my last entry we experienced the roundtable for the students, last day of the conference and my trip home. Well, first, the roundtable was an opportunity for the students tor have time with 6 companies with the choice between 21 companies. To the companies, thank you! Those of us students that really appreciated […]

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Student Ambassador: Let the fun begin

Logan Oates here again. GIC is officially over but I feel that it is just starting. I feel that I’ve become a more integral part of PLANET and have met so many great contacts and people. Even though GIC is over I am now busy keeping in touch with people, adding friends on facebook, and […]

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Busy….but a good busy…ya know?

Basically, we woke up early got into our PLANET shirts, had some coffee and raced to the EXPO center of Lullvull.  Today we had to set up the seminars, and prepare for the tons of spectators.  Funny that the staff is calm and collected yet all of us ambassadors are waking up and eventually bursting […]

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Impact of R & R and Legislative Day on the Hill for Tolles Students

The students at Tolles Career & Technical Center’s Turf, Landscape, & Greenhouse Mgt. Program have been blessed and honored to participated in the Renewal and Remembrance Day and Legislative Day on Capitol Hill for the second consecutive year.  Each of my six students, two of whom were returning for their second year of service, got […]

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Finding work in a recession takes persistence and innovation.

We all know times are tough and the face of the job search has changed drastically from what it once was. It takes some persistence and creativity to really stand out in this job market. PLANET’s certification program is one way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Keep yourself top-of-mind to potential employers by keeping […]

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Recruiting in a recession. How can help?

The economic downturn has changed the face of the workforce. Not only are there more candidates seeking work, but the recession has changed who’s looking for jobs. Whether you’ve been forced to cut staff or are in the position to hire new employees, knowing what the current job market looks like will help prepare you […]

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