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Final Days of GIC, Ambassador perspective!

Hey followers,
Since my last entry we experienced the roundtable for the students, last day of the conference and my trip home. Well, first, the roundtable was an opportunity for the students tor have time with 6 companies with the choice between 21 companies. To the companies, thank you! Those of us students that really appreciated your time to tell us about your companies definitely took a lot from the experience!

The last day of the conference was pretty popular even though it was Saturday, Halloween. A lot of members still filled the conference rooms and the expo continued to attract excited people. BUT in 2010, LETS BRING OUT MORE MEMBERS and NON MEMBERS from beginning of GIC to the end!!!

What I found so interesting was that everyone spoke about how horrible the companies were doing in the economic situation. But what everyone seems to forget is that this Green Industry is one of the few GROWING industries given the stress in the economy. SO instead of worrying about the economy, strategically plan your company to grow and as they say, “Weather the storm”.

Now that I am home, I am still blown away by the entire conference! The amazing speakers, interesting topics, exciting expo and the endless networking possibilities was all just WOW, mind blowing!!! I believe that the GIC will expand to venues that trump recent years. If the PLANET team and affiliates continue to sponsor such a cornerstone conference in the industry, Ladies and Gentlemen, mark my words, this industry is on the forefront of a growth explosion!!!

Followers, continue to do everything that makes this industry unique! Set up your 5 year plans and stick to it! Next year at GIC, I hope everyone brings management and crew so that their company as a unit is on the same page!

Until next year,
Mark Gonzalez
University of Maryland Student Ambassador,
Undergrad Senior