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Busy….but a good busy…ya know?

Basically, we woke up early got into our PLANET shirts, had some coffee and raced to the EXPO center of Lullvull.  Today we had to set up the seminars, and prepare for the tons of spectators.  Funny that the staff is calm and collected yet all of us ambassadors are waking up and eventually bursting with energy.

After the seminars were set up, speakers introduced, head counts taken and registration table covered, we got to walk around the expo center and drool over the new toys. Some of us actually wanted to buy a chipper or irrigation heads, and the rest of us just liked walking around and seeing the new technology (aka…FREE GIVE-A-WAYS)

The outdoor expo is where all of the toys got to get dirty and was that a huge mistake!!! Its been raining every day until today and so the turf is wet and soil is loose.  Add hundreds of riding mowers, 4-wheelers, foot traffic and all you are left with is one patch of turf in a field of mud and expo stands.

So far, I have mingled with companies met some of the most powerful people in the industry. Oh and tonight I met Eddie Money….. Good times in lulllville

Until tommorow,

Mark Gonzalez, University of Maryland