Student Ambassador: Let the fun begin - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Student Ambassador: Let the fun begin

Logan Oates here again. GIC is officially over but I feel that it is just starting. I feel that I’ve become a more integral part of PLANET and have met so many great contacts and people. Even though GIC is over I am now busy keeping in touch with people, adding friends on facebook, and writing many thank you letters.

One of the most memorable experiences for me at GIC was the student round table. What an experience! There were so many GREAT companies there that I had never been introduced to before and we had the opportunity to communicate with them one on one in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. They were all so kind and helpful and I was able to make a lot of great contacts.

As far as the conference goes, I learned so much in all the classes I attended and hope that I can implement the things I learned there in my future career. The only thing I will not be missing is the lack of sleep. It was a lot of fun staying up late with everyone, but a guy can only handle 4 hour of sleep a night for so long.

I hope everyone enjoyed GIC as much as I did and I hope to be seeing everyone again soon.