GIC here I come!

Hello Green Industry!

My name is Mark Gonzalez and I am a senior undergrad student out of the University of Maryland.  My majors, Landscape Management and Horticulture, have allowed me to be nominated for a Student Ambassador program for this years Green Industry Conference in Kentucky!!  Oh and Thank you Professor Steve Cohan for nominating me for this opportunity, I promise to get you a T-Shirt!


This week I will be blogging about my experience at the  conference and boy, am I excited to share it all! We got here yesterday and will stay until Halloween. (I’ll have to find someone to get me some candy back home in Maryland.) I keep reading up on more information about the conference and it is just packed with key Green Industry companies and figure heads!! Here take  a look!


While in at the conference, I am really looking forward to networking with the other student ambassadors, PLANET staff, visitors out side of the industry, and definitely meet the companies that came out to support this year! I understand that we will have long days running around the conference areas and the demonstration FIELD (yes a field of Bobcats, Dingos, chainsaws and a TON more), but to be at the showcase conference of the year, I hope that I can take in EVERYTHING the conference has to offer!


 I have heard great things about the conference and well Ladies and Gentlemen, stay tuned over the next week and a half in order to experience the conference with me!  I promise to tell every detail!


Stay tuned,

Mark Gonzalez

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