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In the heat of GIC

Well, the first two days of GIC have come to an end and they have been great. It’s been pretty busy and I’m not doing so well in the sleep department. We’ve been helping set up for all the classes and helping out with registration. The rest of the student ambassadors are great and are becoming close friends. The classes have been awesome and the food has been even better. I’ve also learned the real reason for planet. For a lot of these guys, Planet’s not about the classes or learning new things even though those are great. It’s all about the networking and creating lasting relationships. You get here and everyone is automatically your friend. Business owners and employees around the country become close friends and large trips are made to hang out with eachother. They’re real friends that you can call when you’re in trouble or just when you need someone to talk to (about business or personal stuff). That’s the real benefit. I’m realizing that all these people I meet here, whether I work for them or not, can become some of my best friends and can help me later down the road wherever I am. It’s a great big family and I’m proud to be apart of it.