September 20, 2023 - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Day: September 20, 2023

Building Your Team: Cultivating Career Growth – Strategies Used by Top Businesses

Investing in professional development not only benefits your employees but it also helps your lawn or landscape company reach greater heights. Often, companies that emphasize professional development for their employees don’t settle on just one method but rather a variety of different tools to support and grow their team members. “The importance of developing our […]

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The Agronomist: The Work You Do Is Award-Winning

I get to do some very cool things in my job, not the least of which is to represent the landscape industry in organizations dedicated to the stewardship of pesticides. In this case, I am referring to The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance, a group consisting of cooperative extension folks, pesticide safety educators, registrants (a fancy name […]

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Faces of the Industry: Jacob Hong

Jacob Hong started mowing lawns with his brother when he was 13 years old, but it wasn’t until he was in college that he realized he could have a career in the landscape industry. “I felt it was the best of both worlds,” Hong says. “A little bit of business along with working outside. Initially, […]

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Changing the Game: Five Business Lessons Learned from Disruptors

“It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work” is an attitude that entrepreneurs who are looking to disrupt their markets should have. The only way you can go about challenging the status quo and introducing innovative approaches to your business is to be willing to try things that others have dismissed or thought to be impossible. […]

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Broaden Your Inspiration Horizons: Think Outside the Box

From excellent customer service to workplace cultures that foster creativity, innovation and sustainability, top brands use unique strategies to embody their mission. Provide Customer Service Like Chick-Fil-A Just like how there are dozens of fast food choices to pick from, your clients have lots of options when it comes to who they want to mow […]

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Protecting Your Business: Safety Practices to Adopt from the Construction Industry

The construction industry faces many threats that put its workers at risk and as a result, more construction firms are investing in a culture of safety to protect their employees. Each year, the Associated General Contractors of America awards construction firms that excel in safety performance with Construction Safety Excellence Awards. These winners aren’t selected […]

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NALP Hosts Advocacy Field Trip

On Sept. 7, 2023, the National Association of Landscape Professionals hosted staff members of the EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and USDA to show how lawn care companies safely and effectively apply products to stop invasive species and maintain the health of our green spaces. Bob Mann, senior director of regulatory and technical affairs […]

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