February 2022 - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Month: February 2022

How I Do It: Making Mulching Efficient and Fun

Mulching is a common task during the spring but Ruppert Landscape, based in Laytonsville, Maryland, has managed to turn this job into an exciting way to kick off the season. This event is known as “Mulcharama” and has been around for about 40 years. They adopted the practice early in the company’s history and it’s […]

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Technically Speaking: Conducting Rejuvenation Pruning

Many landscape shrubs grow larger than the location where they are planted. When these shrubs get out of hand, it is best to conduct rejuvenation pruning to bring them back to an appropriate size. Regular pruning to keep a plant at an acceptable height can cause shrubs to get twiggy and ugly. “To correct this, […]

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members in the news

NALP Members in the News: Fullerton Grounds Maintenance, Massey Services, SavATree, Davey Tree, Schill Grounds Management

Read more about these NALP members and partners in the news. Fullerton Grounds Maintenance Celebrates Apprenticeship Program’s First Graduates Fullerton Grounds Management (FGM) based in Kenvil, New Jersey, has completed its inaugural two-year apprenticeship in conjunction with NALP. The apprentices were awarded certificates in landscape management. “Our inaugural apprentices displayed tremendous dedication by committing themselves […]

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Business Smarts: Preparing for Rising Workers’ Comp Costs

Inflation isn’t just affecting the price of materials and employees’ wages. It is also predicted to impact workers’ comp costs as rising expenses are impacting it on several different levels. “Insurance carriers are having to offset that potential cost into their premium so we think by 2023 we’ll start to see the impacts from those […]

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Being Proactive with Safety with Drew Garcia and Greg Garcia: Season 2, Episode 40 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

In season 2, episode 40 of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, hosts Brett Lemcke with R.M. Landscape and Macey Robinson with LandCare talk to Drew Garcia, vice president of the landscape group with Rancho Mesa and Greg Garcia, account executive with Rancho Mesa. Drew Garcia started off as a professional baseball player. Drew […]

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NALP Members Lobby During February Legislative Days

NALP’s Legislative Days were to be held in person this year, but COVID restrictions in Washington D.C. and on the Hill led to the switch to a virtual event. Despite the change to virtual, More than120 industry professionals took part. “I think it makes sense, especially during COVID, to transition over and we had more […]

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Team Building: What Right People, Right Seat Really Means

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you have probably heard the mantra ‘right people, right seat’ when it comes to hiring. But what does that really mean and how do you put it into practice? Having the right people in the right seats is one of the concepts of the Entrepreneurial Operating […]

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Landscape Challenges: Dealing with Voles

Voles go by many names including meadow mice, ground moles, and field mice. Call them what you want them, but regardless of the name, voles can leave some serious damage in their wake. Voles can often be mistaken for moles, shrews and mice. They have rounded blunt snouts, pointed front teeth and their eyes and […]

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Level Up: Site Structures Landscape Grows Steadily By Being a Great Place to Work

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level. Ever liked your side job more than your regular job? This was the case for Charlie Bourdages. In 1988, his next-door neighbor had just started his own landscaping company and asked Bourdages to help him on […]

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Tree Care: Arborist Safety Tips

Tree work can seem like a natural addition to your existing services, especially if clients are requesting it. However, tree care work can be dangerous and should only be conducted by well-trained arborists who are familiar with safety and industry best practices. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, tree worker accidents are three […]

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