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The Final LANDSCAPES Finishes with a Bang

This year marked NALP’s last LANDSCAPES and with it came the announcement of the new annual meeting, ELEVATE. ELEVATE will take place Sept. 18-22, 2022, in Orlando, Florida. This new conference and expo will meet the needs of NALP members and industry professionals. It is designed to be energized, innovative and collaborative with sessions focused […]

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Battery Tools and Technology: Nothing is New, Except Everything

Battery technology isn’t new to the industry, but if you’ve been mulling over making a shift in recent years, you might still be hesitating due to confusion over the various specs. Determining the power of a battery product isn’t as clear-cut as looking at the horsepower on a gas product. “Every manufacturer is boasting about […]

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Developing Empowered Managers

When starting out, it’s natural for lawn care and landscape company owners to try to do everything on their own. However, as most businesses break the million-dollar revenue mark, the new challenge can be having a company that thrives even when the owner isn’t around. Bill Silverman, owner of Springboard Business Coaching, specializes in coaching […]

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Cultivating the Employee Experience

Do you have a plan for the employee experience from start to finish? Many lawn care and landscape companies don’t really have this planned out and instead let it happen by accident. Neal Glatt, managing partner of GrowTheBench, says operating this way is like baking a cake and not even trying to follow the recipe. […]

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Learn How to Outthink the Competition to Drive Bottom-Line Results

Have you ever wondered how some companies are able to pivot, transform and pursue new growth ideas? Kaihan Krippendorff, business strategy speaker and author, says their secret is a repeatable process and a common language that can be learned and taught. Krippendorff will be covering this topic during the opening general session at LANDSCAPES 2021 […]

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Measuring Marketing ROI in the Digital World

When you’re building out your marketing budget, do you know where you get the most bang for your buck or is it more guesswork? If it’s a constant struggle know whether your digital marketing efforts are showing ROI, Corey Halstead, co-owner of HALSTEAD Media, will uncover some tips and tricks for better understanding which efforts […]

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Systematizing Your Business Model To Maximize Growth

When you’re starting out in the lawn care and landscape industry, it’s easy to want to be all things to all people as customers request you do complete various tasks that might not be your specialty. Mike Rorie, CEO of GIS Dynamics/GroundSystems, says this can put you in a deep hole of doing a little […]

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Developing Emotional Intelligence in Landscape Leadership

As a leader, it’s important to adopt the use of emotional intelligence to retain good employees. Without a positive work environment, production and efficiency can be low. “In today’s work environment, people want to be heard and understood,” says Angie Carignan, human resources manager for Belknap Landscape Company. “It’s one thing to nod and smile, […]

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This Year’s LANDSCAPES Schedule Is Packed With Cutting-Edge Strategies

If you’re like us, you’ve probably missed attending in-person events. If you’re wanting to catch up on the latest trends, don’t miss out on all LANDSCAPES has to offer this year in Louisville, Kentucky on Oct. 19-22. Opening General Session To kick things off, Kaihan Krippendorff, author of Outthink the Competition, will share a systematic […]

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