May 23, 2023 - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Day: May 23, 2023

Changing the Game: Entrepreneurs 35 and Younger Share Their Outlook on the Industry

Some common threads you’ll often find in entrepreneurs’ stories are a desire to be their own boss and a background of starting side hustles from a young age. For instance, Quinn Kampf, 26, owner of White Pine Landscaping, based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, started his first business when he was six. He dabbled in […]

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Business Smarts: Setting Clear Boundaries with Customers

Do you have issues with clients calling day and night with questions and concerns about their projects? Is your inbox flooded with constant emails, or is your phone buzzing with frequent texts from customers? While timely communication is an important aspect of customer service, lines must also be drawn for your team and your own […]

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Building Your Team: Integrating Technology to Recruit and Retain Employees

Adopting more technology in your operations not only helps with your company’s efficiency, but can also communicate to new hires that you are a forward-thinking business. Rather than having the mindset of ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,’ integrating new types of technology shows your commitment to innovation and can make tasks less demanding. […]

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Protecting Your Business: Focus on Safety Training When Onboarding

Statistically, the first six to 12 months with a landscape company are the most dangerous period for new employees. By taking the time to ensure proper safety training from the start, you can help lower this high incidence level for your new hires. While it may seem like common sense to include safety training in […]

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The Agronomist: Cultivate a Healthy Lawn to Control Weeds

This coming Labor Day will mark the sixth anniversary of my second career of government relations. Before that, I was in lawn care, working for myself and for others over the course of thirty seasons. I use the word ‘season’ instead of ‘years’ because, in the lawn care industry, we mark time in terms of […]

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Meet the First Kevin Kehoe Student Leader of the Year Award Recipient

Throughout his life, Kevin Kehoe, Aspire co-founder, made charitable contributions to the NALP Foundation as a scholarship ambassador and as the lead champion of the annual NALP Foundation Scholarship Reception, held in conjunction with the NALP National Collegiate Landscape Competition. He stressed the importance of giving to and supporting students to attract the next generation […]

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Meet Reese Nelson, Outstanding Educator of the Year for 2023

Reese Nelson, Ph.D., a horticulture professor at Brigham Young University – Idaho, has been named the Outstanding Educator of the Year for 2023 by the NALP Foundation. Nelson spent his undergrad at BYU – Provo and earned his advanced degrees at BYU – Idaho. Nelson is actively involved in NALP, spending his time coaching the […]

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How Project EverGreen Selects GreenCare for Communities Projects

There is no shortage of public green spaces and parks in need of renovation. This is why in 2008, Project EverGreen created the GreenCare for Communities initiative to revitalize community green spaces. Since their first project in Akron, Ohio, GreenCare for Communities has restored nearly 200 million square feet of healthy grass. Restoring these green […]

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