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plant growth regulators

How I Do It: Milosi Invests in R&D to Stay on the Cutting Edge

An R&D department sounds like something only multimillion-dollar corporations can afford to have, but Milosi, based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, has started a bit smaller by creating an R&D committee at the end of 2022. Taylor Milliken, owner and president of Milosi, says he’s wanted to start an R&D committee for years. “With Create and Innovate […]

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Plant Growth Regulators

What started as a common tool in the golf industry has begun to make its way into the landscape industry as more companies discover the uses of plant growth regulators in their operations. “PGRs are working for you on the job site, even when you’re not,” says Andy Scott, product manager for PBI-Gordon. “They’re performing […]

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Business Smarts: Plant Growth Regulators and Their Potential

You can’t slow down time, but you can slow plants with the help of plant growth regulators. These products can be used in various settings and serve as yet another way for landscape professionals to work smarter, not harder. “PGRs are a powerful yet underutilized tool in the plant health care toolbox,” says Emmett Muennink, […]

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