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goat grazing

How I Do It: Milosi Invests in R&D to Stay on the Cutting Edge

An R&D department sounds like something only multimillion-dollar corporations can afford to have, but Milosi, based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, has started a bit smaller by creating an R&D committee at the end of 2022. Taylor Milliken, owner and president of Milosi, says he’s wanted to start an R&D committee for years. “With Create and Innovate […]

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Gachina Landscape Management’s Goat Grazing Gathers Attention

Since Gachina Landscape Management implemented goat grazing as part of its sustainable landscape practices four years ago, interest has grown every year. Customers vary from corporate campuses and HOAs to cities and estates. The size of the job can be from less than half an acre to 200 acres or more. Herds of goats can […]

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