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5 Reasons Why Manual Property Measurements Are Bad for Your Landscaping Business

Sponsored content by Shawn Prince, VP, BizDev, Attentive.ai The truth about manual property measurements in landscaping is stark: they are more than a mere inconvenience. Besides bogging down your sales team, it hinders revenue generation and costs your business far more than just time. Here, we’ll explore the top five reasons why sticking to manual […]

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Accelerate: End-to-End Business Management For Your Landscape Construction & Maintenance Divisions

Sponsored content by Shiva Dhawan, CEO, Co-Founder, Attentive.ai Dealing with a business management software that falls short of supporting your construction division alongside maintenance can be frustrating. You are bogged down with manual tasks, such as clicking & drawing polygons in blueprint PDFs, endless number crunching for estimates, and haggles with inaccuracies in purchasing data. […]

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What Accelerate Adds to the Landscaping Business Management Universe

Sponsored Content By Shiva Dhawan, CEO, Co-founder, Attentive.ai Complex problems in the landscaping industry don’t necessarily need complex solutions. And with Accelerate, we’ve worked to fulfill that. As your landscaping business scales, it deserves a software that aligns with how you work and fills the key gaps in your business management process, leaving no blind […]

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Introducing Accelerate: Because Tech Should Be Simple

Sponsored Content By Shiva Dhawan, CEO, Co-founder, Attentive.ai In the competitive world of landscaping, efficiency is king. So why are many businesses still stuck with outdated, fragmented tools? Every landscaping company, no matter its niche or size, grapples with unique challenges. Here, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t cut it. But finding a business management tool that […]

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Battery Benefits: Take Charge of the Future

Sponsored Content The future is electric and it’s time to take charge. Whether you live in an area where carbon or noise regulations are driving the need for electric equipment, or you’re trying to grow your business by attracting green-minded customers, the time to make the switch is now! Why Battery Handheld Equipment? Commercial landscapers […]

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Blower Breakdown: Prepare for Leaf Season

Sponsored Content As the fall season ushers in cooler temperatures and leaves fall to the ground, Husqvarna leaf blowers are up to the task of clearing the ground. Husqvarna’s commercial lineup of leaf blowers is designed to deliver power, performance and unbelievable comfort. Whether gas- or battery-powered, backpack or handheld, Husqvarna has the right commercial […]

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Moasure ONE: Revolutionizing the Green Industry

Sponsored Content Almost a year after exhibiting at the inaugural ELEVATE show, Moasure ONE continues to transform the green industry worldwide. Introduction Accurate measurements and estimates can make or break successful and profitable landscaping projects. Traditional measuring tools have long been the go-to for professionals, but with advancements in technology, a new player has entered […]

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Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line With Language Learning

Sponsored Content Breaking down communication barriers in the landscaping industry For many companies, the cost of not introducing language learning to their workforce can be detrimental in the long term – the landscaping industry is no exception. As the world becomes more interconnected, businesses in every sector are seeking innovative ways to stay competitive and […]

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Leaders in the Horticulture World: Longwood Gardens Fellows

Sponsored Content By Katie Testa, communications associate at Longwood Gardens Founded in 1906 by industrialist, conservationist, designer, engineer, and philanthropist Pierre S. du Pont, Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, brings joy and inspiration to everyone through the beauty of nature, conservation, and learning. Located just 30 miles from Philadelphia, our Gardens span more than […]

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Innovator Series: Milwaukee Tool Discusses Battery Power and Chainsaws

Sponsored Content How does Milwaukee Tool strive to stay innovative? Milwaukee Tool understands that to provide professionals with the best possible solutions to meet their needs day in and day out, we must continue to innovate, continue to develop, and deliver the best possible solutions using the best technology available. Fueling our determination to drive […]

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