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What Accelerate Adds to the Landscaping Business Management Universe

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By Shiva Dhawan, CEO, Co-founder, Attentive.ai

Complex problems in the landscaping industry don’t necessarily need complex solutions. And with Accelerate, we’ve worked to fulfill that. As your landscaping business scales, it deserves a software that aligns with how you work and fills the key gaps in your business management process, leaving no blind spot unattended.

Accelerate, the ONLY end-to-end landscaping business management software, effortlessly marries technology with your increasing sales, operational, and revenue recognition demands.

Let’s delve into the features that my team and I are thrilled to introduce to the business management universe.

Kanban: Visualizing Your Sales Pipeline Like Never Before

As your business continues to expand, keeping track of your sales pipeline becomes trickier. It’s important to spot issues, whether they’re in a certain team, branch, or with an individual, to keep sales moving smoothly. But getting a clear view of all this gets complicated over time.

Think about it: how many businesses use a separate CRM tool like Hubspot for sales, which remains disconnected from the rest of their processes?

Now, that’s a problem. Sales drive businesses. With Accelerate’s Kanban view, this is precisely what we try to solve. Get proper visibility into deals, organize and visualize them segmented by various stages of the sales journey like prospecting, qualifying, estimating, proposal sent, and closed won, among others.

Use our Sales Metrics Dashboard to track vital metrics such as total deals created, total deals closed, $ contract value signed, $ value of contract sold on each property, and more. This ensures you always have your fingers on the pulse of sales activities. Performance tracking and bottleneck identification are just the cherries on top. We aim to help you make timely interventions.

Gantt: The Art of Efficient Production Planning

Photo: Attentive.ai

Shawn Prince, VP of business development at Attentive.ai, says, “As your landscaping company scales, ensuring consistency in services becomes harder. You need to make sure your crews are not spending more hours than they should on a job, but you also need to ensure service quality.”

Accelerate’s integrated Gantt offers landscaping businesses comprehensive visibility into production planning. The standard Gantt chart beautifully presents scheduling and tracking tasks, while the Gantt Report ensures continuous progress monitoring.

Moreover, with our Labor Report, you get insights into the operational efficiency of your team. Use it to delve deep from a divisional overview right down to individual crew performances.

Overtime Cost Control: No Longer A Tricky Task

“We are all familiar with the problem of overtime – it is critical to control this cost head for efficient operations. Like most things, you can only control it if you can measure it,” Prince adds.

The challenge of managing overtime is seamlessly tackled with Accelerate’s suite of features. You can now prevent overscheduling as you receive instant alerts when the risk of overscheduling occurs, allowing quick adjustments to prevent unnecessary overtime costs.

Besides, the addition of an Overtime Report (OR) provides a comprehensive view to compare planned overtime with actual hours, a vital tool for budget management. You can tap into the OR insights to analyze and control labor costs, ensuring effective budget management.

Geo-Fencing, Biometric, and Multilingual Capabilities: Redefining Crew App Boundaries

A standout feature is the app’s geofence integration. By automatically pulling property boundaries from automated takeoffs, we guarantee that hours are logged accurately, right at the intended sites. Moreover, introducing biometric recognition eliminates ghost clock-ins, further ensuring precise time tracking.

Designed to optimize crew management, our crew app ensures continuous operation even in areas with limited connectivity. This means crucial data capture remains uninterrupted, regardless of network challenges.

Plus, language barriers can often hinder smooth operations, especially in a diverse workforce. To tackle this, the Crew App offers a multilingual interface in both English and Spanish, ensuring clear communication among all crew members.

In essence, the Attentive Crew App redefines efficiency. It not only addresses common challenges faced in crew management but also introduces innovative solutions. With this app, crews can shed the weight of manual data entries and focus on their primary tasks, streamlining operations like never before.

Automated Blueprint Takeoffs & AIA Payment Support: Simplifying Construction Management

With Accelerate, handling your construction division is as straightforward as managing your maintenance tasks. We’ve integrated features that make construction management not just efficient but also effortless.

You can automate your blueprint takeoffs and say goodbye to manual measurements. Directly import data from site plans to create accurate, construction-ready estimates.

At Attentive.ai, we understand that every construction project is unique. Hence, you need tailored job tickets. When you create job tickets that fit your specific project needs, you ensure better tracking of construction operations.

Our Job Ticket Screen lets you filter deals and use the %Actual/Estimated column, making weekly updates and planning smoother.

And we’re really proud of our AIA format support, which eliminates manual input hassles for you. Accelerate automatically fills in data according to the standard AIA format, making sure your payments and schedules are always in order.

The Accelerate Promise

While there are business management systems out there that require dependence on external consultants for training, Accelerate stands apart. We offer comprehensive modules designed with clarity and simplicity, ensuring that even as your business grows, you never feel lost.

Our dedicated support team is always ready to ensure you get the assistance you need, especially during those initial transition phases. Recognizing the importance of your accounting software, we’ve focused on delivering automated integrations. This ensures that your financial data remains consistent and accurate.

Worried about data migration? Put those concerns to rest. With Accelerate, transitioning from your previous system is simple. We ensure a safe, efficient, and complete migration so you don’t miss out on any vital information.

Ultimately, any tech is as good as the output it enables. So, choose Accelerate for tech that adapts to your business. End-to-end management of your business is now simplified and tailored to eliminate those pesky blind spots.

Book a personalized demo with my team to explore how Accelerate takes the shape of your business, keeps pace with your expanding sales, operations, and revenue needs, and helps you scale better.

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