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Battery Benefits: Take Charge of the Future

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The future is electric and it’s time to take charge. Whether you live in an area where carbon or noise regulations are driving the need for electric equipment, or you’re trying to grow your business by attracting green-minded customers, the time to make the switch is now!

Why Battery Handheld Equipment?

Commercial landscapers need tools that are powerful, comfortable and durable as well as last a long time. Traditionally, that has only been possible with gas-powered tools. Technology has evolved, however, making it possible for landscapers to switch to battery tools without compromising on the features they require.

Husqvarna battery equipment has several benefits to the operator and your business:

  • Husqvarna battery equipment is lightweight and offers instant and equal torque to gas-powered equivalents.
  • Push a button and you’re in use. Enjoy easy operation and low maintenance with battery.
  • Battery powered product produce less noise than gas-powered equipment.
  • Husqvarna’s battery ecosystem means the same batteries can be used on all Husqvarna battery handheld equipment, offering professionals maximum flexibility.
  • With no direct emissions and lower vibrations, battery products are cleaner and more pleasant to use than gas equipment.

Battery Basics

Did you know voltage alone does not equal performance? When evaluating batteries, there’s a lot more to consider than merely voltage. For example, peak voltage is only valid when the battery is not in use. Look for the nominal voltage, which is the average value during a full discharge. This number is the starting point for determining the total energy within a battery.

A battery’s total energy is measured in watt hours. Watt hours are based on not only voltage, but a combination of nominal voltage and nominal capacity (measured in Ah). These two factors multiplied together provide the energy contained within the battery. If a battery contains 300Wh it can provide 300W consistently for one hour, or 600W consistently for 30 minutes, and so on.

A tool’s power demand is measured in watts. This is determined by a combination of voltage x current (A). Batteries can provide these power demands using a variety of different setups. For example, if a tool requires 1440W, you can achieve this by using either 36V x 40A or 72V x 20A. In general, both configurations are equal and do not affect performance. In this simplified example, to operate the tool consistently for ten minutes would require 240Wh from the battery. (10 min = 1/6hour, 1440W x 1/6h = 240Wh)

Husqvarna’s Battery Ecosystem

Husqvarna is committed to making both batteries and battery-powered equipment that commercial landscapers can depend on for their jobs. They need durable, reliable equipment, and Husqvarna’s commercial 500-series products are part of an ecosystem with their powerful 40-volt lithium-ion batteries.

The BLi300 battery is the most energy-dense battery in its class, providing high capacity and long runtimes when every minute of working time matters. The BLi950X backpack battery offers 1120Wh, enough juice to run all day, and an ergonomic harness to make operation more comfortable.

All of Husqvarna’s 40V batteries can be used interchangeably in its commercial equipment and a variety of charging operations put customers in control. There are fast or overnight charging solutions available depending on preference and use case.

An Innovative Design

Not all battery equipment is the same. Husqvarna’s commercial battery-powered handheld equipment features an innovative pass-through design that prevents dirt and debris from getting trapped inside the tool and interfering with the battery connection points. This design not only protects the battery but provides more ergonomics and weight balance to the tools themselves.

Meet the Handheld Series

The centerpiece of their commercial portfolio is the NEW 525i-series of tools, including a string trimmer and two edgers (curved and straight shaft), which feature higher torque than 25cc gas-powered equivalents. This series features the ExoGuard™ metal skid plate on the gearbox for durability, an IPX4 certification for weather resistance and integrated Bluetooth for connectivity. 


The 525iLST string trimmer has the largest cutting width in its class at 18” and is 7.5 lbs before adding the battery. The passthrough design for the battery provides a balanced feel in the operator’s hand, helping to reduce fatigue during long trimming jobs.

525iECS and 525iES

The 525iECS offset edger and 525iES straight-shaft stick edger are core tools for landscapers and cut crisp lines on the perimeter of grassy areas along hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Depending on turf type and application, there is a battery edger for the job.


The multi-tool of landscaping equipment, the 525iLK combi tool features the powerful 525i powerhead and fits the entire line of more than a dozen LK attachments, including a string trimmer, edger, pole saw, hedge trimmer and blower.

Battery Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are a core tool in a commercial landscaper’s truck as they’re used to trim hedges and bushes and create an aesthetically pleasing, polished look to a property. The 522iHD60 is lightweight and features a low center of gravity for ultimate maneuverability. The Husqvarna 520iHT4 is a high-capacity battery-powered telescopic pole hedge trimmer with up to 4.5 m reach and the 520iHE3 hedge trimmer reaches 3.5 m.


For clearing small limbs and branches, the 530iPT5 telescopic battery pole saw features a 5m telescopic reach and performance that surpasses gas-powered equivalents.


Husqvarna 535iFR is a robust and versatile, high-performance battery-powered brushcutter designed for frequent use on grass, brush and light forestry clearing. It’s lightweight, well-balanced and features power equivalent to a 35cc gas brushcutter.


The 550iBTX is a lightweight battery backpack blower that is one of the quietest battery backpack blowers on the market at 61 dB(A). Powered by the BLi900X battery, it features variable speed settings and provides longer runtimes.

Autonomous Solutions

Battery handheld equipment is only one way that commercial landscapers are charging a new future. Autonomous solutions offer an exciting solution to several challenges facing the industry, including labor shortages, regulations, and sustainability initiatives.

Husqvarna has been a leader in the autonomous mowing space since 1999. Today, their fleet of autonomous mowers tackles a variety of turf types and sizes with precision. The introduction of EPOS, or Exact Positioning Operating System, enables commercial landscapers to wirelessly establish boundaries for the mowers and opens new possibilities for commercial applications.

Ready To Give Battery a Go?

In summary, battery products have come a long way from what the industry was familiar with in the past five to ten years. The technology is getting better at a faster pace as manufacturers work to innovate so that landscapers can keep up with new regulations and customer requirements. If you are ready to make the switch or want to learn more about Husqvarna’s battery portfolio for commercial landscapers, visit

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