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Introducing Accelerate: Because Tech Should Be Simple

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By Shiva Dhawan, CEO, Co-founder,

In the competitive world of landscaping, efficiency is king. So why are many businesses still stuck with outdated, fragmented tools?

Every landscaping company, no matter its niche or size, grapples with unique challenges. Here, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t cut it. But finding a business management tool that seamlessly integrates all aspects, from sales to production planning to payroll and accounting back-office functions, without sacrificing simplicity is a tall order.

Besides, in this era saturated with disjointed digital tools, businesses often struggle with tools that cater well to one department but falter with another.

This is where Accelerate – the ONLY end-to-end landscape business management software – comes in, serving as the bridge that binds all your landscaping operations – from maintenance to construction.

Our Philosophy: Make Tech Simple

At, we operate with a clear belief: technology should enhance your business, not burden it. Simplicity and adaptability lie at the core of our vision, especially when addressing the complexities often seen in traditional platforms.

Here’s the crux of the problem with existing business management software:

  • They demand consultants for setup, adding an extra layer of cost and complexity.
  • The rigidity of such software, especially in areas like job ticket creation and revenue accrual, severely limits flexibility, often causing operational bottlenecks.
  • Their inherent complexity requires extensive training, often leaving employees grappling rather than benefiting.
  • They lack an integrated solution, forcing businesses to juggle between separate software for maintenance and construction.
  • A high degree of manual input and intervention is required, rendering them less efficient.

Contrastingly, with Accelerate, we offer a departure from these issues. Our tech ensures tasks like sales data management, production planning, and labor hour allocations are seamless. We’ve eliminated the need for tedious manual data transfers and convoluted workflows. The result? A platform that’s intuitive, responsive, and tailored to your needs.

I strongly believe that tech should be a tool that makes your life easier, not harder. It should be straightforward, adaptable, and, above all, responsive to your specific needs. That’s the philosophy that underpins Accelerate.

From Automeasure to Accelerate: An Evolution

Starting with the singular goal of tackling the time-consuming and often inaccurate process of manual measurements, we introduced Automeasure – our automated site takeoff software. Its success among over 500 field services companies propelled us to think bigger and broader.

Our interactions with users highlighted a need beyond takeoffs, which culminated in the creation of Accelerate. This all-encompassing landscape business management software transitions seamlessly from making a sale to delivering on the field, ensuring every facet of the landscaping business is covered.

Integrating Your Processes: A Unified Approach

Fragmentation and disjointed processes have long been challenges in the landscaping business. Accelerate tackles this head-on.

With Accelerate, we’re addressing these exact issues, enabling a seamless and error-free flow of information from sales to production planning. It eliminates manual, time-consuming tasks, ensuring a more coherent operational workflow.

From automating sales efforts to streamlining production planning visibility to integrating all business stages, our platform offers a consolidated solution.

Unlike conventional software or manual methods, with our end-to-end landscape management software, there’s no data loss or disjointed workflows. Information travels smoothly from sales to execution, ensuring consistent and efficient operations that delight your customers.

Sales Automation: The Missing Link in Landscaping

“A lot happens before you actually sell something,” says Shawn Prince, VP of Business Development at, emphasizing the importance of having an efficient sales process.

During the peak season, when your sales team is flooded with a sea of RFPs, time is of the essence. Manual takeoffs, estimates, and proposals are time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to more missed opportunities.

With Accelerate, you enjoy a seamless 3-step automated sales process. Simply enter the property address and let our software measure the site for you. The software instantly converts the auto-generated takeoffs from our pre-set production rates into time, cost, and material estimates, which gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your bid.

Lastly, you get one of our custom proposal templates featuring high-resolution sitemaps to accurately and confidently present your approach to services without any second guessing.

If a property manager wants tweaks outside your standard template, you’re covered. With our built-in proposal editor, making changes is as easy as a few clicks. Whether it’s adjusting the payment schedule or adding special terms, Accelerate’s proposal editor is intuitive and efficient.

Accelerate isn’t just about automation; it’s quite literally about acceleration. By streamlining your sales process, you’re positioned to be the first to present a perfectly tailored bid to your customer. With our landscape business management software, we hope to make the future of sales in landscaping simplified, efficient, and promising.

Once You Win a Job: Flexible Job Ticket Creation

Securing a bid is only the first step. The real task begins with execution.

Accelerate’s job ticket creation system is designed for flexibility and adaptability. Customize job tickets to your preference, ensuring that operations align seamlessly with company practices.

Let us say you have 7 services in a bid. You can create one job ticket for all 7 services, or create 7 separate job tickets for each service separately. You can bundle services as you want. The possibilities are endless. And this gets done automatically at a click of a button.

Similar flexibility is provided in construction job tickets as well.

Whether it’s about creating individual tickets, bundling services, or assemblies, Accelerate offers an effortless and organized way to manage it all.

Simplifying Your Revenue Recognition Processes

Accurate revenue recognition is paramount. However, with diverse project timelines and financial methodologies, it can become complex. Accelerate offers adaptable end-to-end software, ensuring your finance team records revenue accurately. You get diverse accrual methods like job ticket closure, payment receipt, actual costs, or labor hours.

Besides, your team will no longer manually update costs in your catalog when inventory changes. With Accelerate, experience dynamic purchasing costs sync. With our bulk update capability, you can adjust costs for materials, labor, or equipment at once, which is ideal for adapting to inflation or market changes.

Whether it’s adjusting costs in real-time, boosting revenue visibility, or integrating seamlessly with payroll, our platform ensures financial accuracy and compliance, eliminating potential regulatory pitfalls.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Attentive Accelerate

Our journey doesn’t end here. We aim to continually refine and expand our solutions, branching out to fields like snow management. Our primary goal remains consistent: Empower businesses to work smarter, not harder.


The landscaping industry is evolving, and technology should facilitate this evolution, not hinder it. Accelerate stands as a testament to this belief, offering an all-in-one, user-friendly solution for every landscaping business need. It’s not just about introducing a software; it’s about ensuring that the software molds to your business, understanding its intricacies, and delivering results.

You don’t need to learn the software. The software learns your business.

So, book a personalized demo with my team to explore how Accelerate can help your business.

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